Interesting Trailer Turns Seinfeld into a Horror Video Game

Just for starters, this game is nightmare fuel thanks to the main character, the baby-headed man that goes about beating the living crap out of others and finding special artifacts that apparently make him more powerful. Sinfeld Remastered is without any doubt the kind of horror game that a lot of people would find amusing, but it’s also interesting that it chose to showcase various areas from the Seinfeld show that people will probably recognize without too much trouble. Just looking at the gameplay makes it feel like something that could appeal to a lot of gamers that happen to love the weird and unconventional style of it, especially with the recognizable areas that players can find by wandering around. Apart from that however it might be best if the player doesn’t mind disturbing images, such as the main character when playing since otherwise it becomes a little tough to focus. But apart from all that this game is something that one can’t help but think would be a hit with a lot of people since, well, it’s chaos and action, something that people happen to enjoy on a large scale. It’s not the first game that’s incorporated such elements to great effect and it won’t be the last, but the fact that people lock onto it and find that they’re willing to keep playing isn’t that surprising.

There’s something alluring about violent games, and about games that have recognizable features, since they tend to grab at the psyche in a way that’s not hard to notice and is definitely hard to ignore. Violence in video games is nothing new since if one really wants to get technical, violence in video games, even the less-offensive type, has been around for a long time. In fact, violence in games in general, whether they’re played in real life or on TV, has been a commonality among many generations that doesn’t really get a lot of attention since the focus is usually on the here and now. But the need to glorify violence, to showcase it in a manner that promotes certain behaviors, has been around for a very long time. And yet, for all that, it still hasn’t created a society that has collapsed thanks to various games that promote said violence. Why is that? It could be that the distinction between the game and real-life is stronger than a lot of people think, or it could be that what we see doesn’t always influence what we do. There are many different ways to make this argument, but the main point is that what we see and hear, and how we play, isn’t going to define the lives we lead outside of the game.

Sinfeld Remastered looks quite a bit like a mashup of various video games that have already come along and does look insanely disturbing in a few ways, but at the same time, it’s the right of the people that wish to play it to enjoy what they see and to promote the game in ways that will increase its influence and popularity. It already sounds like a good number of people are ready and willing to play since the references to Seinfeld are pretty accurate and are spurring a lot of people on. The idea that this show is still inspiring and influencing a lot of people to this day isn’t hard to believe since it was one of the many shows over the course of the last few decades that have been able to grab the attention of the people as they fully embraced the ideas and comedy of it considering that a lot of people couldn’t help but be enchanted by the overall idea of Seinfeld and his friends. The game is likely going to gloss over these moments and use them as a backdrop for the most part, but it’s great enough that Seinfeld was used as an influence on the game since people are bound to recognize it and push for this game in a big way simply because of what they recognize and what they enjoy. There’s a lot to be said for pop culture when it’s still able to inspire in this manner years after a show has gone off the air, as people still talk about Seinfeld and all it came to mean to them when it was still on TV.

What’s really funny about this is the fact that as the technology gets better and more refined, people continue to turn on their heel and look back as they drag the past up to the current era and use it in a variety of ways to promote the present and future projects that are still coming along. On one hand, it’s kind of interesting, but on the other, it does make me wonder if real creativity is still in danger of dying out.

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