Is ‘Chuck’ Flashing Forward?

NUP_108633_0491Chuck left fans with an interesting proposition: which is Chuck suddenly had the skills of a super spy to match his intersect enhanced intelligence abilities? Would we still have the lovable fish-out-of-water Chuck that we have now, or would the show transition to a dark, more realistic flavor? The answer seems to be: both. Jump on through for Chuck spoilers.

Spoilertv snared some possible script pages from the Chuck premiere in the form of casting sides. Sides are used to test auditioning actors and are usually actual scenes from a draft of a shooting script, although – we should caution – sometimes they are written just for the auditions and don’t represent the actual storyline. I will say, if you look at the sides you’ll notice a lot of crossed out sections – that is usually a sign that they are real script pages. Now, for the implications.

Essentially what is described is the scene immediately following the season 2 finale. Chuck is now being sent off for training where he will become a real spy, a full member of the team. Then the story takes a leap forward three months where Chuck is on assignment in Prague. Whoa. I was a bit scared here, I’d love to see things evolve but too big a shift would be devastating to the Chuck formula. The Buy More political structure provided some of the best B stories on television, I’d be heartbroken if… oh wait, what is this? Oh, phew. The Buy More is back. Yes we will return to the Buy More, and we will see Chuck in its vicinity. So the bottom line? Chuck get’s to play his Charles Carmichael alter ego legitimately, and it appears that the Buy More and all of the people therein will still be a part of Chuck’s B story. How big a part, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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