Is Darth Maul Coming to The Mandalorian?

It might appear that Jonathan Wright from We Got This Covered is just trying to burst the bubble of any Star Wars fan hoping to see Darth Maul in the next season of The Mandalorian, but thankfully that’s not the case. The fact is that a picture generated from a cosplay player that featured zabrak spikes on a Mandalorian helmet was part of what whipped a lot of fans into a frenzy, while the idea that The Mandalorian does take place after Return of the Jedi only heightened them. The unfortunate part of this, for the fans, is that by the Mandalorian is taking place, Maul was already dead, having been killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the desert. This time there would be no resurrection hopefully since to do so is to really push the boundaries of this particular story since Maul has already come back from what should have been a life-ending event, caused by the same man no less. For some people even going that far, keeping Maul alive after a fall from such a height and left as literally half the man he’d once been, was a serious stretch of the imagination, but bringing him back after his arc has been allowed to finally reach a comfortable close would be a very bad idea.

The coming season of The Mandalorian however might still manage to toss at least one or two Force users into the mix however, though it all depends on what Jon Favreau decides to write and how the story pans out. As we’ve already seen, and many Star Wars fans likely know, is that Mandalorians are inherently distrustful of Force users, though their people have worked with the Sith in the past against the Jedi. Regarding both Sith and Jedi as sorcerers and less than worthy of trust or respect, Mandalorians have a long deeply abiding mistrust and in some cases hatred of the Jedi. This could turn out to be problematic depending on how Baby Yoda starts to grow and develop his Force powers, especially given that Mando isn’t the best teacher in the galaxy when it comes to learning how to control Force powers. We’ve already seen how BY reacts when someone he cares about looks to be in danger, and while some might call it a knee-jerk reaction, which it likely was, there’s a great propensity for violence there as well. Can anyone imagine one of Yoda’s species going full dark side? It definitely sounds like something that’s well beyond reason since both Yoda and Yaddle were undeniably good and sought the betterment of those around them, but the Force is obviously a tricky thing and demands a lot of the user.

Darth Maul is a good example of what happens when there’s already a great amount of suffering and pain to build off of since he wasn’t given much of a chance to be anything but a weapon for Palpatine to use and toss aside when he was broken. The fact that his hatred was so strong was the only thing that kept Maul alive for so long, but it was also his undoing since despite becoming a crime lord during the Clone Wars he could never get Obi-Wan out of his head or suffer the defeat he’d experienced for very long. Even if he’d had a chance to show up in The Mandalorian it doesn’t feel as though Maul would be all the interested in Baby Yoda or Mando, if only because they’d be seen as less than worth his attention. The Sith lord was seen to undertake many different machinations, but tangling in the affairs of a bounty hunter without much reason doesn’t feel as though it would be one of them. This is what happens when people start looking online and get confused about one image or another, they jump to conclusions and end up tying things in knots until someone comes along to tell them the truth of the matter. Plus, think about it this way, The Mandalorian had a great first season without adding in a lot of Force users, and while the second season might introduce at least one or two, flooding the entire season with them does make it feel as though the galaxy just can’t outrun the Jedi and Sith all that easily.

If anything The Mandalorian feels as though it needs to treat Force users as though they’re supporting characters at best, individuals that are left on the periphery and put into focus only when it’s needed. Like it or not, Maul won’t be there since following his last fight in Rebels he’s buried somewhere in the Tatooine sands, unless Obi-Wan was good enough to offer him a crematory service somehow. The legacy of one of the most notorious Sith lords is bound to remain where it is for now, and seriously, that’s a good thing.

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