Is It Conceivable for Chris Rock to Win an Oscar for Acting Someday?

Chris Rock Pookie

It’s funny to wonder what might happen if Chris Rock ever did win an Oscar for his acting since he made it clear he didn’t want to host the Oscars not long ago. Would it make him a hypocrite to accept an Oscar one day? Or would it make sense to increase the diversity that so many people are clambering for, despite the fact that imposing more and more diversity upon the Oscars is a poorly worded joke? Rock isn’t a bad actor by any means, and he’s played some great roles over the years, but there are times when even the best slip and Rock has been involved with quite a few movies that turned him into a stereotype or have given him a role that he simply didn’t fit into that well. As a comedian he’s great, and he has the awards to prove it since his comedy is something that has been making people laugh for years now. But his acting credits, while impressive, aren’t all that great since he’s not an action star, no matter how much anyone wants to argue that point. He’s not that much of a dramatic actor since any time people see him they want to laugh and are expecting him to bust out with a joke or possibly say something amusing that will be the highlight of the scene. To be fair, Chris is a comedian first and an actor a distant second, and if there’s any chance of him getting an Oscar it means that the awards show has hit the gutter and sailed right into the wide-open ocean where things go to get lost. Yeah, that’s how bad the awards will have become when anyone and everyone can win an award since they tried, and because of extenuating circumstances such as diversity.

Again, his talent isn’t hard to see, but it doesn’t lean towards Oscar material as some folks might agree with since his comedy is golden most times, but the continued talks of diversity and the idea that the Oscars are now bound by diversity is a reason why many people won’t stand as much of a chance any longer unless those that are judging movies wake up and realize that while diversity is a great way to go, the awards should go to those that do the best job. Merit is a big part of what keeps people competitive since people want to be awarded, despite the fact that making millions upon millions would be reward enough for a lot of people. One thing that can be said about actors and anyone in show business, those in front of the camera at least, is that the more attention they get, the more recognition they appear to want. While it’s not indicative of everyone, as some actors go under the radar fairly often while still putting forth great roles every now and then, the most famous among don’t balk at the idea that a paycheck isn’t the biggest reward and will gladly vie for the golden statues that apparently mean they’re worth more. Is anyone else seeing the hypocrisy of this? Chris Rock has already made himself into a legend, would an Oscar do anything but tip him over the edge as it’s done to a few others?

This is the surprising idea of the Oscars, that they actually elevate anyone when in truth they make the job harder, the mere act of winning one means that the demands will increase on the individual, and the overall expectations will remain at the same level that it took the actor to win the award in the first place. Or worse, the expectations will lower, and pretty much anyone that fits the description imposed by the Academy will begin to win since they were the best that could be found and are considered better than other candidates that didn’t fit the requirements. At this point, the Oscars are, for the most part, another night that the elite of Hollywood are given to show just how rich they are, how important they feel they are, and how ridiculous it is to allow the Academy to pick the winners when the fans know who they enjoy watching and who should likely win because they did the best job and turned out the best that entertainment had to give that year. It has nothing to do with a lack of diversity since the whole idea of an award is to recognize those that have done something great that has been voted on by those that are appreciative of the effort and think that the movie did a great job. If the Oscars were to become an honest and sensible award show their ratings might actually go up and people might be able to regain their faith in them. But if Chris Rock is ever called to the podium to accept an award on his own behalf, the hope is that he’ll have done something phenomenal that no one can argue with, and not just because the Oscars have been modified to favor certain people.

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