Is It True That Emma Watson is Thinking about Retiring?

It does sound as though Emma Watson is retiring as she might want to spend more time with her fiance and possibly spend a family. Of course, that last part is more rumor than anything at the moment and as her agent has said she’s ‘gone underground’ which is to say that she’s ‘gone dormant’ or in the common tongue she is retiring from acting. This sounds like one of those cases that should end with ‘for now’ since Watson, who has been a big name since she was 10, is currently only in her 30s and is still relatively young. While she hasn’t done much in her career as of late it does feel as though she might still have more to offer, but the fact is that she appears to be stepping away from the spotlight for now on her own initiative, so maybe she does want to start a family, or perhaps she simply wants to take time away from the business for a while to focus on other things. She’s been in the news on and off over the years for various things but in terms of her star power, the last big movie she took part in was the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, while the movie The Circle that she did with Tom Hanks didn’t get a whole lot of love but was noticeable.

Before the Harry Potter movies, she was an unknown, but it didn’t a lot of foresight to think that she was going to be a fan favorite since from the first movie on people had their own opinion of her, ranging from irritation to admiration since she did play a very pivotal character in the movies but had an attitude that some people didn’t always agree with. If nothing else though, Hermione Granger was a definite boon to her friends even when she was being an insufferable know-it-all. Those moments when she was unable to stifle this quality were still parsed out into useful and less than useful moments since while Hermione wasn’t a perfect character she was someone that was insanely useful and loyal to her friends. Stating that this was her best role ever is kind of an uncertain statement since she’s played in several roles following the ending of the Harry Potter series, and many have believed her to be every bit as talented as any other actor she’s worked with over the years. That might be a bold claim when working with actors like Tom Hanks, but it’s easy to think that she’s one of the most promising younger actors around, which makes her retirement a bit confusing to some.

Obviously there are a lot of people that wish they could retire at the age of 30 and be able to sit comfortably while doing next to nothing, but it doesn’t feel as though Emma will be idle in her time away from the screen since she’s been fairly active in other pursuits over the years and has in a way acted more like Hermione than a lot of people realize since her activism and her modeling have been a big part of her life. She’ll still have plenty of ways to maintain her popularity if that’s her wish since it doesn’t feel as though she’ll give up everything that she’s been doing. But acting doesn’t appear to be a huge priority in her life at this time and stepping away from it appears to be less painful than it might be if she had nothing else to go to. If anyone is thinking that her retirement would mean a significant change in her lifestyle due to finances that’s kind of a laugh since this woman has made an insane amount of money over the years and if she’s been wise and invested it somehow then it’s fair to say that she and her fiance will be doing just fine for a while to come since those living within their means are usually those that manage to last the longest. But if she has any plans of coming back to the business it does feel as though it might be for a project that she simply can’t say no to. Until a movie like that comes along though it does appear that she’s going to be stepping away from the spotlight to get what she might hope is going to be a lot of peace and quiet.

If anyone thinks that’s going to happen that’s cute and all, but seeing as how she’s one of the most famous faces in the world it’s likely that the paparazzi are going to hang around her for a while longer just to make sure there’s no other story that they can spin around her life. She might be getting out, but Hollywood doesn’t let people go that quickly.

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