Is Jennifer Lopez Playing The Super Bowl Halftime Show This Year?

Fans of JLo listen to every word that they hear about their favorite singer/actress. The most recent rumor regarding Jennifer Lopez is that she is going to perform at the halftime show during Superbowl 2019. Some will argue the point while others remain skeptical, but what it really going on? Has Lopez made a deal to appear during the extravaganza, or are these just rumors? We dug a little deeper into the debate and this is what we discovered.

How the rumor started

Lopez made an appearance at Sunday’s NFL Kickoff and was present for the season intro on Fox. Lopez is all about promoting her new film “Hustlers” and she was wearing a gold dress for the occasion. There was a small video clip that made some fans think that she is ready to take on the Super Bowl stage this year, but, others contend that this is just wishful thinking. JLo did her share of kidding around, but there wasn’t any indication that she’s even considering performing at the event this year.

The Instagram post

The Instagram post indicated that it was time for the NFL to go with a different kind of entertainment after the controversy that was stirred after Maroon 5 performed at last year’s Super Bowl. This is all it took for JLo fans to start making assumptions after JLo appeared on Fox. Her fans began filling the comments section and asking the critical question “Does this mean JLO at Superbowl halftime? I need to know,” along with multiple other comments. This was all that it took to kick off a volley of rumors that started with questions that led to assumptions, but are they even close to being correct?

What we know so far about JLO’s schedule

From all indications, there’s a chance that Lopez will have an open slot of time that would give her the opportunity to practice in preparation for a Super Bowl show. She just completed a tour and there have been no announcements of another one starting between now and then. JLo has been extremely busy, however, doing everything that she can to promote her upcoming movie, which is set to be released on October 13, 2019. From our calculations, even if she worked hard until the film makes its premiere, she would still have roughly three and a half months to get ready for a Super Bowl show.

She’s definitely one of the top picks

We learned that Jennifer Lopez is definitely one of the top picks to headline the Super Bowl in 2020. She and the organizers have been negotiating and talking about the possibility of her headlining the show for some time now. Although the gossip columns and rumor mills really get into turning this into the greatest mystery of teh season, it’s actually more straight forward than all of that. We’ve got the straight stuff on what’s going on between NFL Super Bowl organizers and JLo.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty

There’s no need to play cat and mouse with fans who are hopeful that the deal will go through. She’s been invited but Ms. Lopez has not yet decided if this is a gig that she’s going to sign on for or not. She did say that she’s considering it but there are “many factors” that have yet to be worked out if it’s going to happen at all. She went further to include things like pay for the event, whether or not the location is going to work and other things that remain on the table which have not yet been worked through. It’s important to realize that these things take time when it comes to booking superstar talent. Even if there is room in her schedule at this time, there are her own personal concerns, which she may or may not share with fans or with the NFL which will go into the making of her final decision on the matter.

Is this really going to happen or not?

From what we can tell, Jennifer Lopez is at least considering performing at the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami, Florida’s half-time show. If it wasn’t something she was thinking about then she wouldn’t have entered into talks with the planners. For now, fans must realize that it’s still up in the air and she at least has been approached to wow fans at the event. JLo doesn’t fail to provide show-stopping performances, but it’s going to come down to whether or not she and planners can come to an agreement on all of the terms if she signs on for the show. Jennifer even said that this is something that she would truly like to do. According to, it’s a dream of hers that stands a good chance of coming true.

Final thoughts

Fans who asked the questions about whether or not JLo was going to be a headliner at Super Bowl 54 were not out of line. In fact, they were right on the mark, but it’s not a for certain thing as of this time. There is no amount of wishful thinking that can make it happen, and only time will tell what Ms. Lopez is going to decide to do. There is no great mystery to unravel here, it’s just one of those things that have to be worked out between the parties. Still, fans can’t help but talk about it amongst one another and watch for every juicy little tidbit of news that surfaces on the matter. We’re sure that we’re going to hear a lot more about it in the next few weeks, or perhaps a month to come, but in the meantime, it’s nice to know that they’re at least entering into discussions about the possibility.

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