Is Keanu Reeves A Good Choice For Kraven The Hunter?

First of all, props to anyone who was a Keanu Reeves fan before the John Wick days. I remember when I first saw him in The Matrix and thought he was one of the coolest guys ever. He is the Neo character and as the years went by, I lost hope that a fourth Matrix movie would ever happen. Well, I guess fortune favors the patient, because we all now know that a fourth Matrix movie is coming. Yeah, I’m not saying it’ll be good, but I’m excited that it’s actually coming. Nowadays, who can honestly say no to more Keanu Reeves? Certainly not me, but at this point, we’re all used to him being the badass hitman, John Wick.

Can Keanu Reeves move on from the John Wick character? I really don’t know if he can, but seriously, I don’t think I want him to. And no, I haven’t seen the most recent Bill and Ted, although I have seen the first two. Yes, Keanu Reeves is capable of being more than the badass action hero. However, I think most of his fans want to see more of that badass Keanu Reeves do his thing. We know that John Wick isn’t going away anytime soon, but why should he be limited to that action role? He can undoubtedly go even bigger.

Now what can possibly be bigger than John Wick? Well, how about a superhero role? Better yet, how about a supervillain role? We wouldn’t expect that from Keanu Reeves, but word on the web suggest otherwise. First of all, we’ve been hearing for a while now that both Marvel and DC have been fighting to get Keanu Reeves involved with their movies. I mean, who can blame them? Keanu Reeves is one of the hottest names in Hollywood and I’m willing to bet that having him attached to any movie will draw a crowd. So getting Keanu Reeves involved in a superhero movie, whether or not if it’s Marvel or DC, it doesn’t matter. Get Keanu Reeves and we’ll watch it.

The thing is, we all have to figure out which character best suits Keanu Reeves. And according to the reports on the web, Keanu Reeves could be the frontrunner to play Kraven the Hunter. This was surprising news to me, because I wouldn’t cast Keanu Reeves as Kraven the Hunter. I’ve written before on which character he’d be best for, and I picked Silver Surfer. In my opinion, he fits that character. He’s good at playing those quiet characters who show their emotions through facial expressions. Heck, he does that all the time when he plays John Wick.

However, it seems Sony has a different opinion. Remember that Kraven the Hunter movie we were supposed to get that’s connected to the Venom movie? Yes, Sony is starting their own cinematic universe now, because why not? They still own the Spider-Man characters, so if they can make use of them, I suppose there’s no harm in it. Yeah, maybe not, but I know they’ve been talking about a Kraven the Hunter movie for a while now. It sounds like a good idea, but I think he would be a hard character to cast. The actor obviously has to be tough and he has to be able to pull off the physical villain who can outwit Spider-Man.

That’s what makes Kraven the Hunter awesome. Heck, he’s capable of leading the Sinister Six. If his movie happens, then Sony can finally give us that Sinister Six movie they tried setting up with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If Kraven the Hunter is with them, then I’ll watch it, but still, we need an actor who’s right for the role.

Is that actor Keanu Reeves? I would say yes and no to that one. On the yes end, Keanu Reeves is a hot name right now and he’s great at playing the action hero. John Wick is not exactly the hero, just the bad guy of the worse bad guys. That makes him more of an anti-hero figure, much like Kraven the Hunter. Kraven can be the ruthless villain, but he has sometimes been written as an anti-hero. Much like John Wick, Kraven the Hunter was just the bad guy of the worse bad guys. Keanu Reeves can make you root for a complete killing machine because he kills worse villains and he looks cool while he’s doing it.

So that makes Keanu Reeves at least somewhat qualified to play Kraven the Hunter. A good choice to play the anti-hero, but there’s more to it. For one, just look at how Kraven the Hunter looks in the comics. He’s a super ripped tower of muscle with a costume that reveals his toned abs and bulging arms. Seriously, he’s a big guy who likes showing off his physique. Keanu Reeves isn’t really the biggest guy in Hollywood, but that’s where those top notch Hollywood personal trainers come in. Heck, just have Dwayne Johnson workout with him and he’ll be ten times bigger in a matter of weeks. Okay, maybe not, but he can still workout a lot.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Kraven the Hunter’s real name is Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff. Yes, he is very much Russian. If Keanu Reeves plays him, he cannot talk like Keanu Reeves the whole time. I remember when I heard Keanu Reeves attempt an English accent when I watched Bram Stroker’s Dracula. Boy, that was just not good. Well, thankfully Kraven the Hunter isn’t from England.

Guys, what’s John Wick’s real name? The third movie revealed that his birth name is actually Jardani Jovonovich. He was born a Russian, raised by the hardest and toughest of Russians, and killed for the Russian crime syndicate. Keanu Reeves can’t pull off the English accent, but he can certainly pull off the Russian accent. And when he speaks Russian, you just feel the authenticity in it. He can pull off the accent, speak the language, and look really badass while doing it. At this point, we can’t imagine Keanu Reeves without the John Wick hair and beard. And guess what? Kraven the Hunter has that as well.

So those are my thoughts on Keanu Reeves being a possible contender for Kraven the Hunter. Again, I’ll admit he wasn’t my first choice to play the character. However, after all the reasons I just gave, I think it’s highly probable that our man can lead a solo Kraven the Hunter movie. What are your thoughts?

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