Is Madeleine McCann Still Alive? Documentary Thinks So

The case of Madeleine McCann and her kidnapping is something that’s been a bit of controversy that’s also been a true tragedy that has come close to polarizing many people when it comes to what happened and how it’s been handled. A new documentary coming to Netflix has come up with the idea that McCann is still alive and that her disappearance is still able to be solved. What seems a bit hard to stomach as well as accept is that this will feature the contributions from the former police chief, Goncalo Amaral, who previously claimed that McCann is dead, and even went so far as to accuse the parents of Madeleine to be faking the kidnapping of their daughter. You can easily see at this point how the documentary will be a polarizing moment that has divided people when it comes to this tragic incident.

The ‘truth’ of this matter is something that seems to have been slung back and forth between the individual sides that have held tightly to their own views and has been so muddled at this time that whatever the documentary is going to reveal is bound to be something that will only heighten the controversy. The idea that the technology is getting better is very accurate, and that the methods used to find out if she is still alive and can be found are bits of hope that might elevate the documentary in a way. Even the idea that she was kidnapped by traffickers for her financial value is something that’s going to attract viewers no doubt. But the whole idea of dragging this case in front of the public for another go-around of attention is something that seems as though it might be a chance to make another bit of money on something that’s unbearably tragic for all those involved.

One of the most telling parts about this documentary is that two of those who are most involved and most affected by this tragedy is that Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents, will not be taking part in this documentary. Their justification for this is that any involvement could possibly hinder the ongoing investigation and thereby make it that much harder for those involved to do their job. They were approached by the production company but they failed to see how this program could possibly help in the search for their daughter, which is a great point to be honest. At this point the documentary is seeming as though it might be more detrimental for the sake of entertainment, which is a bit abhorrent since it would indicate that Netflix is pushing an agenda that is attempting to cash in on another tragedy much like many other companies have done in the past.

Instead of overtly condemning Netflix however it’s best to think that the decision of the McCann’s to refuse any involvement is their own personal choice and possibly a decision made to keep their daughter’s name from the tabloids and public opinion sites as much as possible. Granted this effort would seem to come a bit too late since the first moment the media was able to get a hold of this story it was bound to go viral and become the kind of story that would be added to the insane number of public interest stories that have gone on to be dissected and analyzed by those that do and don’t have any experience in trying to sort out such cases. This is the kind of story and tragedy that has been touted in front of the American public so many different times that it feels safe to say that people have become desensitized to such stories, which is a sad case in itself. Honestly so many of us have witnessed stories like as they’ve blown up with good intentions but have gone down pathways that allowed various opinions to take over and turn these incidents into circuses that have nearly ruined the lives of those involved.

This might seem a bit cynical and there’s a good reason. The level of exposure that might be expected from this documentary can be taken in many ways, such as the idea that it might help people to be alert to just how McCann might be found and the hope that she might still be alive, or the idea that it’s a horrible way to publicize and thereby damage an ongoing case as many people across the globe might get it into their head that they know something the cops don’t and feel the need to interfere. It might actually be that this documentary would do better to simply stick to the facts and not as much opinion, though the hope for this seems like it might actually be kind of optimistic.

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