Is There a Chance an Iron Fist Season 3 Could Happen?

Have you ever seen Iron Fist, a show handled by Netflix and based on the Marvel Comics? The show centers around the character of Danny Rand, an expert in the martial arts who also just happens to be able to call on an ability that most people never see coming, which is called the Iron Fist. Clearly, this is how the show got its name. It’s also worth noting that the show follows the Marvel movies, effectively following directly into the timeline continuing continuity of the story.

The first season consisted of 13 episodes and was released in its entirety in March of 2017. Critics were not fans of the show, and that’s putting it mildly. As a matter of fact, when the show was first released, it was heavily criticized. Despite that fact, fans made the decision to go ahead and give it a try, largely because of the movies that exist within the Marvel universe. As it turns out, fans liked the show a lot more than the critics did and while it wasn’t a huge hit, it did develop a strong fan following. There was still plenty of criticism to be had, but there was enough interest in the show (thanks to its fan base) to make the decision to go ahead and create a second season.

This second season, consisting of just 10 episodes, was just released in early October of this year. By all accounts, fans seem to like this season much better than they liked season one. Even critics have had a more difficult time finding fault with the second season of the show. While the reviews weren’t stellar, they were certainly better than they were before. Despite that fact, Netflix has already made the decision to cancel the show, something they decided in earnest to do almost immediately after the second season was released.

No one is really sure why this decision was made, especially when you consider the timing of it. It was made so hastily that many fans have started to wonder if the plan was to cancel the show after its second season all along. If that’s the case, that leaves many people wondering why there was a second season to begin with. If Netflix didn’t believe in the show, people are wondering why it wasn’t just canceled after the first season when it was already struggling. Instead, it seems like it was canceled when the show was actually on an uptick as opposed to being given a chance in order to see where it could ultimately go.

Make no mistake about it, the fan base for this particular show is not huge but there are enough people that had become fans of it that its cancellation made a few waves. These days, people are wondering why the show was cancelled and Netflix is not really issuing any statements whatsoever about the show in any capacity. Fans are also hoping that somehow, it will show up somewhere else, on some other platform. This is certainly possible. When you consider all the different platforms that are available today for entertainment, there’s always hope that a show that is cancelled in one place could be picked up in another. After all, Netflix is famous for doing this, frequently picking up shows that have been cancelled from network or cable television and adapting them for its own streaming service.

There’s no reason that something similar couldn’t happen with this show. It’s possible that fans might see it show up as a new television show on a cable network. it’s equally possible that another streaming service could pick it up, such as Amazon or Hulu. At the moment, there don’t seem to be any plans in the works for such things to happen, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen at some point in the future.

The show definitely has one thing going for it, and that’s the popularity of the Marvel universe in general. People have a tendency to go crazy over anything associated with it, so that makes it even more likely that somebody will pick up the show and carry on where Netflix left off. In the meantime, fans are forced to wait and see what will ultimately happen. if it doesn’t find success on the small screen, they’re hoping that it just might find some type of definitive ending in the form of the next Marvel movie.

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