Is There Going To be a “King Conan” Movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger?


Jeremy Dick from MovieWeb isn’t the only one talking about a new Conan movie, as it’s been seen that the screenwriter for King Conan was talking with Arnold Schwarzenegger a short while back, something you can imagine has been keeping people buzzing for a while now. It’s fun to think that a movie starring Arnold as an aging king might finally come to the screen, but the practical idea that some have been kicking around for some time seems rather dismal in comparison to how things should turn out in the opinion of some fans. An early screenplay that may or may not have been a serious attempt was viewed many years back depicting an aged Conan, a king, running from his enemies after a coup or perhaps something a little more insidious in order to survive. While it’s been seen that Conan has run from overwhelming odds before it still seems to rankle enough fans that he might be given such a story line in this instance if this movie ever does come to pass. People have come to expect a lot out of barbarian throughout the years, and running simply doesn’t seem to be his default mode no matter how outnumbered he might be.

One has to remember that he and Subitai took on a decent force in the first movie mostly on their own since Akiro, great magician that he was, couldn’t offer a lot of help. Then came the second movie in which he had more help from the opportunistic thief, Akiro, Bombaata, and Zula, who was played in the best way by Grace Jones. The only time they really had to run was when they had an army surrounding them, and Conan and Bambaata still held their own against many of them while the others guarded the princess and kept behind them. So having Conan run from anything other than an invading army doesn’t seem like a great plot device since honestly he’s just big, mean, and tough enough to withstand quite a bit. Then there’s the idea that Conan, if this is to be his last movie, which would be wise, should be facing an opponent that is well beyond him, but is still someone that Conan would gladly fight since it means dying with honor and with the song of battle on his lips. It could also mean the final answer to the riddle of steel that was posed in the first movie, an answer that Thulsa Doom thought he had, but was never fully explained.

And who better for Conan to fight in that case than Crom, his god and the very keeper of the riddle of steel? While his faith was definitely challenged and even mocked throughout the first two movies Conan has held to Crom in much the same way that a child will stay loyal to a parent that is there but doesn’t coddle or even nurture them. He’s asked Crom for guidance, he’s called to Crom before a battle, and he’s held to the faith of Crom for a long time, in the movies. In the books and comics is a different thing, but in the movies, Crom is still an influence and one that should hopefully be brought to light, finally, as Conan is to fight his final battle. If nothing else it would be a fitting end and something that would employ the kind of special effects that this type of movie has been in dire need of for so long. While it’s true that the effects of the time weren’t too shabby and were all that was available, a movie in this era would benefit from the kind of special effects that could make the monsters come to life in a much bigger way, and even allow the inclusion of a god that has come to call his finest warrior back home.

In way Conan’s legend is almost like that of a great many warriors that have been looked upon and even favored by the gods, and in this case it would almost seem as though Crom is something like the Odin of the old Norse legends, a cruel and capricious deity that doesn’t always answer his people, but is always there regardless. Crom seems to be the type of god that would deign to be worshiped but give little in return and call it a kindness so that his people could grow strong on their own and honor his name rather than be weak, puling sycophants like those seen in the first movie that worshiped Set. In the movie realm Crom is an old school god, one that is mocked and laughed at by others because he doesn’t bestow his blessings upon his followers, but perhaps in a fitting movie concerning the end of Conan, if it were to happen, Crom could finally acknowledge the one warrior that has always followed his ways.

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