It’s Time for David Fincher to Blow us Away with a Movie Again

It feels as though David Fincher needs to get back to the movies and make us cringe once again in the best of ways. If you don’t know the name then maybe you’d know who he is by watching a few of his movies so that you can fully appreciate just what he’s done and what he’s given to pop culture. Josh Weiss of SyFyWire sums it up nicely by stating that Fincher has a unique take on society and shows this in his movies. To think that he moved away from this to focus on a career that now includes TV shows is kind of hard to see since despite his bleak outlook that translates into his movies you can’t help but admit that he’s got the kind of skill that slaps the audience in the face, in an interesting way, and reminds us all that we do happen to like the dark and somewhat gritty texture of the movies that he pushes. This scene alone is just one of the best that makes people wonder why he would ever think of going to TV.

The washed out colors are great, the desperate and manic feel of the movie is great, and for some reason movies like Fight Club, which are Fincher’s best work by far, have managed to reach cult status despite the attention-seeking individuals that would love to argue just why the book is so much better. This movie and several others of his have captivated audiences in a way that is hard to explain since quite honestly there is something insane and visceral that can hit a person in a way that is felt and not soon forgotten. Why the man would ever seek to move away from this kind of fame and notoriety is hard to imagine, but it could possibly be that he wanted to diversify. That wouldn’t be too hard to imagine since honestly everyone wants to be known as more than a one-trick pony, but his gritty sense of style is still something that happens to be alluring enough that people keep coming back to it. After all, this scene below was another favorite of many people since it carried a great deal of emotion that many of us likely felt despite the detachment we share from the movie.

Quite honestly it goes without saying that we would love to see the Fincher-led movies that we’ve become used to, not the TV projects that have been somewhat wasting his talent. Again, it might be that he wants to diversify and perhaps even take things slower, but at the same time it would seem that he’s stepping away from what made him great in the first place. This isn’t to say that he hasn’t had a few hits on TV because quite honestly he has, and he’s done well enough that people have enjoyed his work. But his movies have been so iconic that thinking that he might stick with TV primarily from this time on is hard to imagine.

Liz Shannon Miller and Zack Shark of IndieWire came up with a list of the most prominent directors that made their way to TV and as you can already guess, David is on it and is lauded for his time in the industry as he’s been praised for the work he’s done away from the big screen. One can’t help but admit that he has managed to create a good deal of impressive work on the small screen as well, but despite how good it might be it’s still preferred to see him jump back onto the big screen with his work and amaze and shock us again with the kind of material he’s capable of pushing. Whether or not that kind of sentiment will reach him and make sense in his mind is hard to say, but all in all it feels as though Fincher really needs to head on back to the big screen and do what he’s so great at doing, nailing our sensibilities to the wall and giving us movies that lay every emotion bare with an alarming efficiency that is nothing short of amazing.

Likely a lot of people have already said something along these lines and likely he’s ignored them or taken them under brief consideration without committing to them, but the point is that it would be great to see some response other than the adherence to TV that he seems to be sticking with. It’s enough to hope that he’s doing something that makes him happy, but again, it would be great to see him come back to where his fame is thought to be paramount.

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