It’s Time to Introduce Game of Thrones Into More Food: Here are Our Picks

TooFab deserves a lot of credit for covering this hilarious and equally awesome representation of Game of Thrones as told from the land of Oreo. The video already looks impressive but just thinking about how long it took to create and how long it took to film is something that makes you say ‘wow’. It’s just more evidence that Game of Thrones has been able to influence multiple things over the course of the last several years that would make someone take it this far. It’ll be interesting to think of what’s going to happen when GoT is over and done with, but many people aren’t willing to think that far just yet. Wil Fulton of Thrillist has managed to come up with a list of foods that would be great to enjoy while watching the show, but we have a few other ideas of what might be kind of fun just to see represented by GoT. You can imagine all the ideas that are out there, as just looking at a piece by Jon Ledford of Grunge might get your creative juices flowing as you try to figure out just which foods would work the best. Take a look at the Oreo commercial below and then take a gander at our picks.

Here are just a few that might be kind of interesting.

5. Subway

There’s no special reason for this one but honestly it’s been fun to see Subway get involved in some of the biggest movies and shows throughout history and it’s almost surprising that they didn’t get on board right away. It’s true that some of those franchises that usually get wrapped up in a lot of different promotions don’t leap at the chance for everything. But it’s also true that GoT is one of those shows that has gripped the nation in such a way that getting in on it from the ground floor or even as it’s about to end would be absolutely beneficial to the business since there’s no real limit to what could be done with this kind of promo.

4. Burger King

The word ‘king’ should kind of indicate just why this should be something that BK would be willing to embrace. It’s not exactly something you could promote to kids as the toys you could think of might be something right out of a nightmare or be something that kids just wouldn’t understand. But as a promotion aimed at adults and adolescents that enjoy the show it would be easy to see how it might be kind of popular and able to sell enough burgers and other items to create a hefty profit.

3. Animal crackers

This goes without saying since it could go in a lot of different ways from the symbols of the four houses to a few other designs that might be kind of cool. These could still be for kids honestly but it would almost seem like a snack food that might be aimed at adults. It’s a valid idea largely because adults do still snack on occasion and GoT fans and hardcore fans would be all over it and might even buy box after box just to collect them. Yes, that is a thing believe it or not, even if it sounds a bit crazy.

2. Chocolate coins

This would be something of a novelty idea since you can imagine that it would be more for the fans than anything since the images that could be stamped upon the gold foil are many. It would no doubt be greatly appreciated since as collector’s items they’d be insanely popular. But as just something that might be sold in the front of a store where impulse grabs are commonly made it does seem like it might be kind of successful. It would definitely be a good stocking stuffer for those that are truly diehard fans and something that you might find in their personal collection later on.

1. KFC

If you’ve been watching the show all this time then this one goes without saying. The Hound is the one that made this reference a great idea when he went on his chicken rant during the episode in which he and Arya encountered a band of the king’s men and had to fight their way through a fight that proved to be just a bit harder than they’d figured on. In the end however the Hound did get his chicken and Arya managed to get her sword back after running it through the throat of one of the men that had tormented her and her friends in an earlier episode. This would be entirely welcomed no doubt by fans, but it does seem as though it should have already happened.

It’d be hard to really top the Oreo commercial but it does seem as though other foods would do just as well by taking on GoT to promote one or a few different ideas.

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