iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Review: “Conspiracy Weary”

iZombie Season 3 Episode 11

It’s fitting that this far into Season 3 of iZombie that Liv would eat the brain of a conspiracy theorist since there are still many wild guesses and potential explanations being thrown out by fans as they try to answer many of this season’s remaining mysteries. iZombie viewers and the show’s characters both still have a lot of questions heading into the final two episodes of the series’ third season, but “Conspiracy Weary” begins creating a clearer picture of who exactly is behind the various murders and cover-ups we’ve seen take place this year.

At the moment, the two people at the center of these yet-to-be-solved mysteries are Liv and Peyton. The two of them use the clues that they have (some of which come from Liv’s visions, while others come from Peyton’s smart investigative skills) to put the pieces together and reach some believable explanations for what’s been happening in Seattle recently and how it very likely involves the city’s newly elected zombie mayor. That’s right, Baracus officially wins the election in “Conspiracy Weary,” and while Liv and Peyton initially thought it could be a good thing to have a member of the undead with that much power, both of them immediately regret placing their trust in Baracus (and giving him their votes) after they come to the conclusion that he was behind the murders of Sweet Lady Pain and Wekler and the subsequent cover-up.

This development is certainly not the most shocking twist that iZombie has thrown at us this season, especially given Baracus’s recent behavior towards Peyton. The show has been building to some type of twist involving him ever since his election became a major focal point, and the only question that remains is whether or not he’s the sole culprit behind everything. As Peyton tells Liv during their conversation, Baracus may be dirty, but that doesn’t mean he’s a serial killer. Plus, we know that the new mayor has a much more dangerous and much more shady organization supporting him, a group that would have gone to great lengths to ensure that he was elected, and when Season 3 is all said and done, I don’t doubt that Fillmore-Graves will be revealed to be the true mastermind of everything we’ve seen this year, not only just the Wekler cover-up but also Wally and his family’s murders and perhaps even the theft of the cure (although we won’t know who took that until Season 4).

But until Fillmore-Grave is officially shown to be a foe the company remains a helpful friend to Liv and the rest of Team Z in tonight’s iZombie, as Chase and his team of mercenaries (including Major) step in at the right time to help take down the zombie truthers and free Don E. and Ravi. It’s an incredibly exciting way to kick off this week’s hour, and the entire action sequence, beginning from when Liv and Blaine bust into the room in full-on zombie mode, serves as a worthy follow-up to last week’s nerve-wracking final minutes.

Furthermore, Fillmore-Graves’ arrival at the scene leads to two very important moments. First, there’s the deaths of Harley Johns’ zombie truther friends, who are gunned down by the FG mercenaries when they won’t surrender (Harley’s brother, Bo, is killed inside the building by Don E., who eats Bo’s brain along with Liv and Blaine, resulting in the many fun conspiracy theory conversations throughout the episode). Them being shot and killed leads to Harley sneaking out and apparently hiding in his bunker all on his own, although whether or not he’s being set-up is still unclear. The second significant scene is Blaine introducing himself to Chase Graves, who is not very impressed with the owner of The Scratching Post and appears much more interested in Liv. However, Blaine and Chase could potentially become fast friends if Fillmore-Graves turns out to be just as evil as everyone’s favorite brain-dealing crime lord, especially because when it comes to choosing between zombies and humans, Blaine will pick the undead every time—he was born to be a zombie.

And why do I believe so wholeheartedly that Fillmore-Graves is a full-blown evil organization? There’s more than just the company’s connection to Baracus; look at all the hints that are clearly dropped in tonight’s episode, from how quickly and easily Justin finds the supposed murder and assassination attempt weapons in Harley’s truck to Liv’s vision that exonerates Harley from being Wally and his family’s murderer to the fact that Harley is now a zombie (which is why he survives the fatal shots from Clive’s gun). Something bigger and more dubious is going on here, and Liv, Peyton, and Clive are very, very close to figuring out what it is.

However, all of three of them will have to push whatever theories they have aside at the start of next week’s episode and deal with the very present problem they now have thanks to Ravi’s zombie truther friend, Rachel, who turns out to be a reporter. In an idiotic move, Ravi decides to fully trust Rachel after she comes to visit him at the morgue, and while we don’t see their full conversation, we can assume that he’s pretty much told her everything he knows about zombies, which allows her to write an article exposing the members of the undead in Seattle with a very clear photo of Liv in full-on zombie mode above the headline.

It was easy for people in the city to wave off the claims made by Harley and his goons, but a detailed article and that striking image of Liv are going to be pretty hard to cover up, no matter what she and the rest of Team Z try to do. And even if this article doesn’t lead to a true Discovery Day for zombies, even if it doesn’t completely change the way they have to live in Seattle, if not the world, it’s most certainly going to have a major impact on Olivia Moore when she sees her face in the newspaper, and I am very curious to see what her response to it will be.

Other thoughts:

  • Ravi is not the only iZombie character having girl troubles in this week’s episode, as Major discovers that Shawna has been posting photos, videos, and private text message exchanges between the two of them on her Tumblr page. When he confronts her about it, she apologizes and says that she was just trying to get people to see the real him like she does, but her words don’t stop Major from ending things between them. Shawna, of course, doesn’t take this rejection too kindly and responds by getting shirts made featuring a selfie of her and Major, which only causes more problems for him (everyone in Seattle thinks he created the shirts, and they can’t stop criticizing him) and leads him to seek comfort at Fillmore-Graves.
  • I’m very curious to see how Clive responds to having shot Harley in next week’s episode now that Liv has told him that Harley is innocent of Wally and his family’s murders. We see a little bit of his reaction in that final scene before Harley reveals himself as a zombie, and you can tell it’s already starting to eat him up inside.
  • I’m also incredibly interested in seeing how people who work with Liv on a daily basis, such as the cops at the precinct, will react to the photo in the newspaper. Will anyone put the pieces together? Will Bozzio somehow see the photo and finally discover the truth about zombies? I just really want her and Clive to get back together, you guys.
  • Which conspiracy theory conversation did you enjoy more: Tupac or Tom Cruise?
  • Blaine and Don E.’s enthusiasm when Liv joins them to eat Bo’s brain is absolutely wonderful, and Blaine’s comment to them afterwards is also pretty great: “This is nice. Should we make this a weekly thing?”
  • “Did we just have a three-way?” Liv, Blaine, and Don E. all having the same vision at the same time is one of the funniest things iZombie has ever done.

What did everyone else think about this week’s episode of iZombie? Comment below and let me know.

[Photo credit: Diyah Pera/The CW]

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