Life Lessons the Show iZombie Teaches Us

In a world that seems a tad saturated with flesh feasting, blood sucking vampires and zombies, I am so glad I decided to go ahead and watch iZombie without an air of condescension. For those who are unfamiliar with this series, this is a show loosely based on a DC comic with the same name. It is now into its third season with an approved fourth season in the pipeline.

The story revolves around a med student from Seattle called Olivia Moore commonly referred to as ‘Liv’ who turns into a zombie after a horrific boat party. Grappling with her altered life changing experience she denounces her family and love interest, she leaves her promising career in medicine and get a job in a morgue to satiate her new found cravings.

So in a nutshell, Liv is a zombie with a heart of gold, who also likes to gorge on heart although brain appears to be more palatable to her taste buds. She discovers that while her new diet takes care of her cravings and keeps her from going all ‘zombie- ish’ it also helps her get a glimpse of the victims’ memories which in turn helps to solve unsolved murders.This quality also gives her supernatural abilities that helps with the cause.

This is a story where Veronica Mars met Buffy the vampire slayer in a more witty and engaging premise. If you are into clever scripts and action with a good dose of suspense, horror, dramedy and thrill thrown into the mix, let me assure you, this will not disappoint.

From the very first few episodes, it was evident to see that the show was going to entertain the masses with its clever dialogues and some great comedic timing. There is much applause that the main characters garner for their genuine performances.

There are many deep and meaningful lessons that can be drawn from the essence of the show ( and I don’t mean in a flesh feasting zombie- like way)

Not everything that has an “i” prefix belongs to Apple

Just for the record, this show is not endorsed by Apple or does have any affiliations to the brand. I guess the “i” in the title is just to make it look cool and new age-y.

The show encourages diversity in career choices

Although being a doctor would have been just awesome, Liv’s life does not come to a screeching halt when she becomes a zombie. If your life seems to be one hurtling train wreck, do not fear, if things go south, you can always get a job at a morgue and if you have the stomach for it, maybe even as a detective aide solving murder cases.

Zombies can be uber cool and own their style

Not all zombies walk around like they have huge weights attached to their legs. This show is fast paced and fun. It also throws light on the fact that; zombies don’t always have to look scary. There are ways to go about to preserve the humanity of a zombie (without getting into the science of Zombie preservation). Liv is quite pleasant to the eye, if you can get past the pale pasty complexion and peroxide obsessed hair.

Comedy is not just for the faint of heart just like blood and gore is not just for Walking Dead

If Liv can have a few laughs while feasting on a brain, who are we to turn up our noses ?

The biggest lesson we can take home from this show would be, If life doesn’t go the way you planned and turns around, sucker punches you in the face,( in this case makes a zombie) get back up, show them what you’re made of and kick some serious butt while you’re at it!

It’s definitely safe to say that the verdict is in, iZombie is here to stay in all its brain nibbling, dark humored glory, and does have the potential for tremendous growth and fan following.

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