10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina

The future belongs to those who follow their passion. In life, we come across many people who might want to shape our destiny. It is upon us to know what we want in life and follow the right path. Jackie Aina is one person who focused on what was appealing to her and became successful. She was born in Los Angeles on 4 February 1987. Her mother is an American while her father is a Nigerian. Her father wanted her to be a doctor, but she had a passion for beauty. Therefore, Jackie pursued cosmetics and ended up being a makeup artist and a YouTuber. Get to know more about her by checking out these facts.

1. She has hyperhidrosis

Jackie has hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a genetic condition that makes someone to sweat a lot in some parts of the body. The state makes her a prisoner in her own body as she shares in one of her Facebook posts. The condition has forced her to adapt by wearing clothes that have breathable fabric. She confessed of the hyperhidrosis condition in one of her YouTube channel. She has a vast collection of dresses that allow air in, and she has advertised most of those brands on her channel.

2. She is the eldest of her siblings

Jackie was born to an American mother and a Nigerian father. She has six siblings with her being the eldest. Jackie has not disclosed all siblings, but she has posed with two sisters in some of her photos on Instagram.

3. She is currently in a relationship

Jackie is not married yet. Marriage is part of his futures plan, but for now, she is dating an entrepreneur who was born in British, Denis Asamoah. Her boyfriend is a writer and a motivational speaker. Denis always wants the best for his girlfriend and went ahead to learn how to create websites so that he could create one for her. They started dating in 2014 and have spent most of the times together. He proposed to her during her 32nd birthday as per People. Denis is also of an African origin as he is from Ghana.

4. She was once married

Marriage is a beautiful institution but is full of challenges. The beginnings might be right for all weddings, but on the way, things change for some of them. Jackie is a victim of divorce. She was already married and staying in Hawaii with her husband. Jackie says that the marriage was miserable, and it led to divorce. She was not happy with her previous marriage and did not regret the separation that occurred. She later moved on and met her current boyfriend with whom they are planning to ride along together and form a family.

5. She used the ring of her previous marriage as a down payment for a car

When love is in the air, gifts are always an order of the day. When a marriage fails, we may remain with lots of possessions, and we wonder what to do with them. It becomes even harder when some of what our partners leave behind remind so much of the pain they caused us. Jackie is a victim of such a marriage. She tried to forget all about that marriage and ended up selling the ring she got from the union to buy a car. It was evident that she wanted to forget all about the marriage since all the details about it have remained a secret.

6. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor

Parents always want the best for their children, and with their influence, they determine most of the destinies. Jackie’s parents wanted her to become one of these professions that earn highly. The desire of the parents made her pursue a course in medicine but could not complete since she had to follow her passion. She was in love with beauty and beauty products and hence went ahead to pursue a course in beauty. Jackie became successful in the makeup and beauty industry, and that is where she rose to fame.

7. She has a net worth of $600,000

As a YouTuber, Jackie mainly deals with beauty products. Through the views that she gets per video, she has amassed a reasonable sum of money. These videos get around 180k views per day and considering the ads in the video, and it gives her around $720 per day. The daily pay translates to an income of $260,000 yearly. She has endorsement deals with some of the companies hence gets paid by these companies. According to Youtubers.me, Jackie has a net worth of $600,000. When you combine her wealth with that of her boyfriend, they are collectively worth $3 million.

8. YouTube popularity

It takes time to gain popularity primarily through activities such as vlogging. Jackie set up her first channel in 2006 and posted her first video three years later. The video has 45,000 views currently, and she continued uploading more videos which attracted more viewers. The most viewed video is one that was about makeup trends that should be ditched in 2015, which got 4.8 million views. Most of her videos currently get views of between 2 and 5 million. She has nearly 3,114,502 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which of course results in a lucrative income.

9. She has a massive social media presence

Vlogging needs popularity for you to prosper. For Jackie, fame has extended to social media accounts, and she is active in both Twitter and Instagram. She has a total of 290,000 followers on Twitter and 868,000 followers on her Instagram. These social media platforms are useful to her in advertising beauty products. She also gets product endorsement deals from people and companies which she advertises through these platforms.

10. Campaigns for black women

Jackie has always spoken for the black women and the cosmetics industry. She finds the beauty sector dominated by the whites and wishes to change this by encouraging more blacks to be part of it. According to Teen Vogue, she has partnered with Beverly Hills to promote beauty products of the black color. The use of the black color is to bring empowerment on the black women. She is capable of enlightening the blacks on beauty since she is an influencer herself.

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