Jackson: "I don't want a 'Fringe' romance"

While many fans of FOX’s sci-fi series Fringe might be wanting a romance between main characters Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop, actor Joshua Jackson has stated that he would rather the relationship stay platonic.

Jackson, 32, who plays Peter, told IGN that he would rather Peter and Olivia stay just friends, forming the brother-sister relationship that pervaded for most of the show’s first season (albeit with the obvious sexual tension).

“I always thought that dynamic was more interesting,” he said. “I think this bizarre little family unit we have – crazy daddy, overachieving daughter and layabout, good-for-nothing son – was a really odd thing to put at the heart of a science fiction show.”

Jackson’s opinion is directly in contrast to costar Anna Torv (Olivia), who has stated that she wants the relationship to happen, though she isn’t sure if it will. “We haven’t yet committed ourselves to any sort of romantic relationship,” Jackson clarified, talking about the pair’s kiss from “Over There, Part 2.”

But Jackson’s opinion is certainly more than selfish. He’s afraid that Peter and Olivia hooking up would ultimately damage the show. “I’m of the opinion that once you go there, you jump the shark. It’s the build up, it’s the anticipation, it’s the tension, without ever consummating or making that happen. I’m always of the opinion that once you go there, you’ve done real damage to your show.”

It’ll be hard-running to get the two together, though. It seems as though, with Olivia being trapped in the alternate universe and her doppelgänger posing as her in this universe, a romance might be brewing between Peter and Olivia — just with the wrong Olivia. In fact, that’s such a great story opportunity that the writers will be amiss not to go in that direction.

Fringe, which has been renewed for a third season, will return to FOX on September 23 with the premiere episode “Olivia.”

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