James Comey Talks to Stephen Colbert about Clinton Emails, Trump Tweets, and Pee Tape

The attack is on in full when it comes to Trump when Stephen Colbert talks to James Comey about Clinton emails, Trump tweets, and the infamous Pee tape. So far the shots that have been fired have been noted but not much damage has been done, if any. But honestly it’s all been pretty funny. Unfortunately for both sides the back and forth battle of words has been doing little more than entertaining for the rest of us and infuriating for those that are willing to go to any length to defend the POTUS while he tweets in the corner about anything and everything. It’s kind of like trying to keep a dam from breaking while a careless child keeps on banging into it and creating new holes.

There’s a lot of talk about being ethical in the White House. Instead pausing to hear the laughter it’s necessary to go on and discuss just what it means. What does it meant to be an ethical leader? Unfortunately Trump has yet to really figure out what it means and is attempting to run the country as he’s run his businesses in the past. Trump basically seems to think that the country is here to please and follow him when in truth he has millions upon millions of bosses that he’s accountable to, not the other way around. An ethical leader knows how to make the hard decisions that aren’t popular but are in fact best for the people they serve. They are the ones that will not seek to serve their personal interests, will not rant and rave about things that they either cannot change or should not, and they certainly don’t sit there tweeting about anything and everything. But that’s president we have now, and the one we might have until 2020.

Comey is a guy that wants to see the nation run by an ethical leader and doesn’t seem to be holding out a lot of hope that Trump can change his ways. If only to prove this it’s been seen that Trump has tweeted Comey roughly 50 times in the past year. He doesn’t really seem to care that Trump is slamming him as a character, but he does care that more and more people are starting to do the same thing when it comes to Trump. Shrugging our shoulders and saying ‘he’s just that way’ is not a suitable way to deal with the matter of how Trump is running the country. Becoming so numb to the fact of the things that Trump does is extremely dangerous as it gives him and others the idea that they can do pretty much anything without people reacting to what they think might be wrong.

Whether you agree or disagree with Comey and Colbert the fact of the matter is that Comey did get fired by Trump and he did write a book about his experiences in the White House and around Trump. Like it or not the book is out there, and it could be something that will continue to haunt the POTUS.

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