10 Things You Didn’t Know about James Mackay

James Mackay

James Mackay is an actor popularly known for playing the part Stephen Carington in, Dynasty, an interesting soap opera television series. Dynasty revolves around the Carrington’s and the Colby’s who strive to exercise control over their children and fortune. Steven Carrington is Gallon’s gay environmentalist brother who is considered one of the most sensible among Carringtone’s children. The part suits him well or rather he plays it so well such that one can hardly tell the difference between him in real life, and the role he plays. If curious to learn more about this skilled and talented actor, here are 10 things you probably did not know about him;

1. His Background and Family

He was born on 20th July 1984 in Sidney, New South Wales, Australia which currently makes him 35 years of age. James was also raised up and schooled in Australia. However, since he prefers to keep his personal life private, no information is available about his parents or siblings.

2. Education

He grew up in Sidney Australia where he attended the Sydney Grammar School. He went on to further his studies at the University of Sydney, and graduated with a bachelor of Arts in History and English Literature. While at the university, he discovered his passion for acting and decided to fully exploit it and hone his skills. Therefore, he joined the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts in Perth and undertook acting classes.

3. Stage Shows He’s Taken Part in

The skills and knowledge James gathered from Art school soon paid off and he started acting shows. In 2013 he was featured in The History Boys, as Irwin, at the Sidney Opera residence. He played the role alongside Heather Mitchell, Paul Goddard and John Wood. He has also appeared in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a show produced by Sydney theatre company, where he played the role of Danceny alongside Hugo Weaving and Pamela Rabe. Additionally, he has worked with independent theatre company Cry Havoc as an associate artist. While there, he took part in two shows: Julius Caesar (2009) as Marc Anthony and Three Sisters (2010) as Andrey.

4. His Acting Career

Apart from Dynasty, James has also appeared in reputable movies including Hacksaw Ridge (2016) as prosecutor, The Dress Maker (2015) as William Beaumont and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No tales (2017) as Maddox. He has also been featured in lesser known movies such as the Dressmaker, the Lovers, Skin Deep, Being Vanice, Micro Nation, the True Nation, Battle of the Sexes, The Leftovers, Manny Gets censored, The tomorrow people, Inhuman Resources, Burning man, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Rescue Special Ops, Ace Neally and Misconception. In each of these movies, he has played his assigned roles impressively well.

5. Relationship

James Mackay has succeeded in keeping his romantic relationships away from the limelight, considering that so little is known about his dating life. According to Dating Celebs, he is currently single and has had at least 1 relationship previously. However, no one has been able to pinpoint who exactly he has dated. We only know that he has not been previously engaged.

6. Awards

His superb acting skills have not gone unnoticed as he once bagged the fifth annual Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship.

7. Net Worth

Accumulated wealth is one of the factors commonly used to judge how much a public figure has achieved in their ventures. James Mackay seems to be doing pretty welly in the entertainment industry as he takes home between $130,106 – $228,488 every month. So far, he has accumulated about $5 million all thanks to his acting career. However, these are just speculations are most celebrities prefer not to reveal their true net worth. As of now, it is not known whether he is involved in any other venture besides acting.

8. His Hobbies

James loves horses and dogs. On a few of his photos you can see him doting these two animals. He also enjoys playing rugby, traveling and having a good time with his friends, evident from the few photos he’s shared touching on his personal life.

9. Social Media

Scanning the internet and other news outlets, you’ll hardly find information on James Mackay’s social life. Unlike most celebrities who like keeping their fans regularly updated through social media platforms, James prefers to keep his rather private. Looking at his public page on Facebook, Instagram and twitter, you’ll hardly find personal pictures and posts. Most of them are work related whereby he keeps fans in the know of what he and his fellow casts are up to. Nevertheless, he still enjoys a decent following on these platforms. For instance, on Instagram, he has 262,000 followers.

10. He has Left Dynasty

Early this year, Dynasty officially hinted that the actor will not be back for the second season of which James confirmed through his social media pages. In the Show, Stephen voices his plans to travel to Paraguay without husband Sam and promises to be back before Christmas. However, fans are not certain that he will back. Instead they suspect that the character Stephen has been cut off from the show. This could be true considering that another chain normal actor was dropped from the show – Nathalie Kelley’s Cristal had died within the finale’s fireplace. According to Information Cradle, James admitted that though his part Stephen Carrington wanted to leave the show, he did not. He wanted to play the part, actively, for longer.


It is hard to imagine Dynasty without Stephen Carrington. He played an invaluable role as he brought about calmness and stability among the families involved thus toning down their ‘crazy’. However, all hope is not lost as Stephen may still return in other seasons to come. If he won’t be back, we only hope that he will land another role in an outstanding television show, so that we can see more of him. To keep up with his next move, follow him on his social media pages.

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