James Mangold Confirmed to Be Directing Indiana Jones 5

Between the fact that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull failed to really impress a lot of people and the idea that the script for Indiana Jones 5 has been ripped up, redone, rewritten, and basically mangled beyond repair, it’s actually comforting to think that James Mangold will be directing the fifth installment and working from his own script. What that means though, as Sandy Schaefer from Screenrant points out, is that the movie has been delayed yet again and probably won’t be making its way to theaters until 2022 at the earliest. A lot of fans might actually be willing to wait though if it means that Mangold is going to be able to do his absolute best and turn in another movie that will be just as good a those that came before the last one. Raiders of the Last Ark and Temple of Doom were by far among the best in the group so far, while The Last Crusade wasn’t too bad but did get a little bit over the top with its imagery and use of certain themes. But the Crystals Skull movie was by far and large over the top from the word go and really didn’t produce a great result when all was said and done. That kind of leaves people to wonder just what’s going to happen with the 5th movie since it’s believed that Shia LaBeouf won’t be coming back, unless rumors begin to spread that he might actually be considered, and it’s not even certain just who will be making the cut this time.

While Steven Spielberg won’t be directing he’ll still be producing, so he’ll have some input. But this is going to be Mangold’s brainchild this time around and seeing what he does might be enough for a lot of fans to come back and sit down for another chapter in the life of Indiana Jones. What the story is going to be about is kind of hard to say since when one really thinks about it he’s taken on a few of the biggest tales in myth and legend that have ever been told, but he’s also been involved with a couple of cultures that a lot of people know nothing about and hopefully researched a bit after watching the movies. The ark of the covenant and the holy grail are obviously Christian relics that anyone who’s had a healthy dose of Sunday school in their youth would know about, but the other two movies introduced ideas that were mainly created to keep the plot moving and to keep people interested. The Thuggee were in fact very real but they were wiped out by 1890 as far as anyone knows and they did worship and sacrifice to Kali, though if anyone ever ripped out someone’s heart it wasn’t likely that it would keep beating during a ritual. Given the facts and the fiction that go with the movies it’s bound to be of great interest to the fans to see just what Mangold will get up to with his script and what part of the world that Indy will be headed to in the next movie, and what time period he’ll be seen in since if anyone remembers, the Crystal Skull movie was set in the late 50s, meaning that Indy would likely have a lot of adapting to do if the next movie is set in the 60s or 70s, which have been receiving a great deal of interest in recent years.

It would be nice to know if Karen Allen was going to make her way back to the movies since she was a fun addition in the last installment just as she was in the first one. But again, it’s not really known since there aren’t a lot of details at the moment and until we start hearing more from the rumor mill that’s constantly grinding away we’re going to have to guess and possibly hope that we’ll see something worthwhile develop at some point. Right now there’s not much of a chance that Mangold is going to mangle the series any further. With all respect to Spielberg, the fact that he had to be convinced to come back was bound to be a sign that the movie wasn’t going to be that great. It wan’t horrible really, but it definitely lacked the edge and quality of the movies before it somehow, as though it was phoned in without trying anything new or even sensible. Mangold, who’s responsible for the movie Logan, has a good track record at this point and is a worthy successor to Spielberg, so there are high hopes that he’ll come up with something convincing enough that it will knock our socks off. People have been enamored of the Indiana Jones movies for so long that one dud isn’t about to keep them away for good.

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