Is James Woods as Sinister in Real Life as in the Movies?

I don’t know about sinister, but James Woods is definitely just as much of a jerk as he is in the movies. His attitude towards other people is so horrible at times that it’s hard to believe that he’s not acting, but this is simply how he apparently is. The level of disrespect he shows is so great that he’s even bothered to verbally bash a little boy that wants to be identified as a girl. This was recent in fact, and has sparked a great amount of debate not just about his character but also about why he seems to think he’s so great.

So what else is there that proves James Woods isn’t that nice of a guy?

He’s a bit of a hypocrite.

Twitter wars are fairly common now and James Woods really isn’t immune to them, either getting comments or making them. Back in 2015 he tried to sue a random Twitter user for using what he claimed was defamatory remarks. Unfortunately for Woods he wasn’t innocent of using such language himself when he started firing back at the user. even more disgusting than the act of suing the individual was the reaction that Woods had when it was revealed that the user had passed away. he was actually glad.

James doesn’t really care what he says.

For all that he doesn’t want people talking about him on social media he certainly pulls no punches of his own when he posts. One of the latest came during a Tweet he sent out about Anderson Cooper of CNN when the man rolled his eyes during an interview. Now it’s true that Cooper should have thought twice about the gesture, but this doesn’t justify Woods’ crude comment about a butt plug coming loose during the interview. Not cool James.

His most recent Tweet is one of the worst.

Most recently Woods went on Twitter to comment on a picture of a child he’d seen in an LGBTQ setting. The child, born as a boy, wanted to be identified as a girl. Thankfully her parents were very supportive and did not question her motive or desire. Woods on the other hand being of strictly conservative belief, remained unapologetic over his comments that the child would one day murder her parents after she figured out just what they’d done to her. The uproar over this comment is still coming through and yet Woods has never once apologized or even tried to smooth over his comment, standing by it without fail as he continues to preach over Twitter about subjects that are highly controversial and are not meant to handled in such a heavy-handed manner.

This is America, you are allowed to say what you’d like so long as you don’t seek to defame or cause injury to any person. But there is such a thing as being respectful and James Woods just doesn’t seem to get that. Oh he’ll expect others to respect him without a doubt, but when it comes to giving it back, well, let’s say he hasn’t quite earned the respect that others might give him. If anything he’s incurring a huge debit that will come due one of these days. Karma is vicious Mr. Woods, don’t tempt her.

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