Jane the Virgin Review: Baby, You Can Not Drive My Car

Jane the Virgin

This week on Jane the Virgin, everything was blissful and everyone got along. No, seriously, that actually happened-for the first half of the story anyway. All of the usual contentious relationships, Rogelio and Darci, Petra and Jane, Xiomara and her nemesis Crystal, all got on the same page. There was only one relationship which turned especially nasty, and that was Jane and Rafael. The further Rafael went down the rabbit hole without his perspective, the worse things got. If he isn’t careful, it will cost him much more than he can afford to lose.

The birth of their daughter put Darci and Rogelio on the same page. Actually, it puts Rogelio, Darci, and Esteban on the same page. They toss around the name Amada, along with half a dozen other names, for the baby. They say the name baby so much, that it actually sticks! Rogelio and Darci’s daugher will be named Baby Michaelina De La Vega Factor. Technically, she is the daughter of celebrities, so she is warranted a weird name. The Michaelina saves it a little. The amount of Dirty Dancing jokes she is going to get though.

If you really want to talk about strange partnerships, look no further than Xiomara and her nemesis, slutty Crystal. With membership down for both of their studios, they decide to combine forces to go up against the corporate competition. The problem is that slutty Crystal takes her title literally. There is no way she can be trusted to be appropriate around children. Xiomara only wanted to focus on the studio so she wouldn’t get sucked too much into Baby’s life, thus lose perspective on her needs. Rogelio assures Xo he won’t let that happen, and the stepmom/Baby photo shoot comes out adorable. Not as adorable as Baby and ‘Owlba’, but still cute.

Rafael has lost all perspective. Yes, Jane can be an overprotective mother, and she may have some time on her hands while Adam thinks over their relationship. Yes, Petra has a tempting deal with Jane to introduce her to a book agent in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about Katherine until the hotel deal is closed. (Which can’t happen fast enough given that Luisa is hallucinating and planning to burn down the hotel). However, none of that changes Jane’s core instincts when it comes to protecting her child and his father. Rafael has become so obsessed with getting his money back, that he lets Katherine have an influence over Mateo. Rafael can do whatever he wants in his personal life, but not when it negatively affects his children.

While it was hilarious fun for both the fans and the kids to see teeny-tiny Petra try to wrestle Jane in a ballpit, what happened next was not at all funny. The way Rafael went off on Jane was appalling. Had Alba seen that, her conversation with Rafael would have gone much differently. Alba earns that ‘Owlba’ title in two ways. She commends Adam for taking his time with Jane because he understands dating a woman with a child is a serious commitment. Rather than yell at Rafael for his behavior, she reminds him that her late husband gave up his entire fortune to start over in America with Alba. The late Mateo didn’t lose his perspective. This is what finally breaks through to Rafael. It’s also not fair to string Katherine along. Though, I’m less inclined to care about what is fair to Katherine when she drives down Rafael with her car.

Given that terrifying moment, we have to know Jane fans. Which photo shoot did you like best?

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