Jane the Virgin Review: Did Jane Choose Adam or Rafael?

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin‘s telenovela life has never been so much fun to watch. Picking up right where we left off, Jane and her first love Adam (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey) catch up rather quickly. We know how much Jane’s life has changed since they were together. Accidentally artificially inseminated, found out her father was a telenovela star, baby kidnapped by a drug lord, married and widowed within a year, baby daddy sent to prison, fell back in love with baby daddy right when her first love showed up out of the blue…that’s pretty much the gist of it. However, we don’t have a sense of who Adam is. To help us with that, “Chapter Sixty-Five” has not one, but two narrators. Let’s begin.

Jane and Adam catch up very quickly, and it sends the entire Villanueva/De La Vega family into a frenzy. Watching their daughter skinny dip with her first love isn’t the way Rogelio and Xiomara wanted to start their first night as husband and wife (though it was adorable watching Mateo run out in his superhero pajamas to save his mama from the naked man). Neither was being bombarded by Instagram alerts from Darci’s feed. Darci is as manipulative as they come. She pushes and pushes Rogelio, trying to make him out to be a bad parent all over social media. It works, and Rogelio has his own little Instagram show, with Darci’s cervix as the star. A little Internet humiliation is nothing to Darci if it voids her custody agreement with Rogelio. Once Rogelio realizes this, he threatens to reveal another video that shows a very different, but equally bad part of Darci. I’ll just say #puppypunch and leave it at that, because it is too horrible to describe. All Xiomara can see is two people who are about to have a child, tearing each other apart. Xiomara is a good wife and a loyal partner. She pushes Rogelio to make peace with Darci, which he does just as she goes into labor. Don’t worry, Xiomara has her own reasons for pushing Rogelio out the door. The woman needs some time alone to mourn her non-existent honeymoon.

To know how big a deal this first love reunion is, we have to back up a bit. We knew that Adam was Jane’s first love, but goodness, we did not know how big of a love it was! Those two almost made it down the aisle, at 19! The reunion turned frisky very quickly before being interrupted by Jane’s son. Alba is all Team Rafael, while Xo just wants Jane to be sure of her heart. Jane’s heart is being pulled in two different directions. She’s swept up in the wave of nostalgia reconnecting with Adam. This is helped along by Adam’s narrator. She constantly interrupts our narrator as if Adam’s story is as interesting as Jane’s is. She points out all of Adam’s good points. Good goosey gracious, he even knows her grilled cheese recipe, and he wrote her love cue!

Rafael is still in Jane’s heart. She can’t deny it, but there are some things about him that she still bumps up against. One of their biggest problems has always been their opinions on money. Jane has been very clear about not wanting Mateo to turn into a spoiled child, while Rafael has always wanted to give his kids the best of the best. That is difficult to pull off when Luisa has kicked him out and frozen his bank accounts. This has an immediate effect on Mateo’s life, and Jane takes it as a sign that they need to restructure Mateo’s schooling and schedule. Rafael can only focus on getting his money back, and it’s the last straw for Jane. She turns to Adam, and Rafael gets back together with Petra (who is alive, by the way). The only hiccup is that Rafael and Petra’s plan to trick Luisa into signing the Marbella back to them fails. Anezka is, unfortunately, alive and kicking. The same cannot be said for Sin Rostro’s latest victim. We’ll get more information on the poor, random schmuck later on.

It looks like Adam will be sticking around for awhile. Who thinks he is a good match for Jane?

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