Jane By Design: New Summer Promo

Jane By DesignAt the end of last week’s spring finale of Jane By Design, Jane may have gotten caught by someone from Donovan Decker. Jeremy came back onto the runway to see Billy in the middle of confessing his love for Jane, so I’m not sure if she can wriggle her way out of another compromising position. Poor Jane, once lamenting how invisible she felt in high school, now can’t seem to get people to look away.

In the new promo for Jane By Design‘s upcoming summer episodes, the choice that Jane faces takes center stage, with her old life (Billy) and new life (Jeremy) doing battle for Jane’s attention once again. The show backed away from having Jeremy pursue Jane after some early flirtation, but he poured his heart out to her in the finale, telling her how inspired she made him through her enthusiasm for fashion. Jane may have been able to talk Ben into letting her keep her job, but nobody from Donovan Decker knows about her “other life” and I don’t know how close Jane is willing to let them get to finding out her true identity.

She and Billy have excellent chemistry, but is Jane willing to cross that invisible line with him? She’s already been in Lulu’s crosshairs since, well, the beginning of time, but if Jane gets with Billy, she’d setting herself up for attack from her rival, as well as possibly hurting Nick in the process. Jane Quimby is a lot of things, but intentionally malicious isn’t one of them, so maybe a thing with Billy isn’t such a good idea.

Or is it?

Jane By Design returns for eight additional episodes sometime this summer. No premiere date has been set.

Are you looking forward to more Jane By Design? Do you think Jane should pick Jeremy, Billy, or nobody? Will Jeremy find out who Jane really is after running into her and Billy?


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