Three Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Morgan from General Hospital

General Hospital fans are so in love with Jason Morgan. When he was Steve Burton and then again when he was Billy Miller and then again when he was Steve Burton. We love him, and he might just be one of our most favorite characters of all time (and we know that’s improper use of the English language). He is a man who has turned himself around more than once, and he’s someone who never shows us anything we don’t love. We loved him when he was young, we love him now, and we cannot imagine ever not feeling the love we have for him. But, it also feels to us like there is a little something else. Sometimes we forget that people did not grow up watching him, and they might be a little confused by some of his stories. So, here’s a look at what you might not remember.

He’s Jason Quartermaine

Do you remember that he didn’t start off as Jason Morgan? He was a man who was rich, happy, and healthy. He was a great athlete. He was a great friend. He was a great son. He was a shining star of all things great and amazing. Any parent would wish their own son was like this preppy, good kid who did good things, made great choices, and loved his life. He was the son of Dr. Alan Quatermaine. He was the son of Susan Moore, his father’s mistress. But, his father’s wife, Dr. Monica Quartermaine, was kind enough to not only raise him as her own, but to legally adopt the boy as well. He was just that loved by all. He was a great kid, and he was a Quartermaine, which is almost hard to remember at this point.

He Went Through Some Identity Crisis

There was a time when he didn’t know who he was. He was brought back to life after his car accident — caused by his drunk brother — but he didn’t remember his family or anyone but his sister (Emily) and his grandmother. He was no longer a Quatermaine. He changed his name. He moved on with his life, but he was not a very nice person. He was filled with anger and rage, and he was not a happy man. However, he had some big-time chemistry with Sonny, and that is when Jason Morgan was born, loved, and made our own. It’s funny, though, because their chemistry was not born with their characters. It was with the actual men themselves, who didn’t have much time together before that. So, this character came about when he and Benard became real life friends at work, and they wanted to see them work together. It was all because the actor wasn’t sure how to play the roles he was being given with so much change.

He’s a Great Friend

Jason Morgan is a man who will pretend to be the father of anyone’s baby so that they can save their marriage. He did it for Carly when she got pregnant by AJ and didn’t want him to know. He pretended to be Michael’s father for more than a year, and he and Carly even had a strange and kind of weird relationship. She later went on to marry Sonny, who ended up cheating on her with Sam, and he got Sam pregnant. Jason then pretended to be the father of her baby so that Carly would not find out Sam slept with Sonny and they conceived this child. The baby was not born alive, and all things were a mess. But Sonny and Carly ended up staying together, and somehow Jason and Sam fell in love and got married, and now all four of them are the very best of friends ever in the whole entire world. Well, Carly and Sam might not love one another as much as Jason loves them all, but you get the point. It’s a twisted and strange situation they live in, and it works for them. We don’t pretend to get it, either. But, we all love Jason Morgan, and we are glad to see him back with Sam even it’s a secret right now.

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