Jason Reitman Directing New Ghostbusters Does Give us Hope

Ghostbusters Stay Puft

There’s been no end to the controversy surrounding the upcoming Ghostbuster’s 3 since quite honestly those that loved the 2016 reboot are wondering why this would happen as it’s the same as saying that the reboot didn’t matter. Yet they get so quiet when people ask them why the reboot never took into account the existence of the FIRST TWO movies that set the stage for the reboot to even happen. There’s nothing to say against the actresses, well, at least there wasn’t until Leslie Jones decided to spark her own outrage on Twitter. But honestly they did a good job, the movie just wasn’t well-received or, barring Kate Mckinnon, that well thought out. When people heard that Ghostbusters was coming back they wanted to see the original cast in some form, but what we got were a few token appearances from the guys that were kind of insulting in a way. Egon was, of course, reduced to a bronze bust that was shown and then forgotten since Harold Ramis passed away, Peter became a skeptic that was tossed out of a window by a ghost, Ray was a cabbie that had an extraordinary amount of knowledge about ghosts and spouted a catchphrase before driving off, and Winston was the relative of one of the Ghostbusters, but was otherwise not involved. Yeah, they REALLY went all out giving thanks to the crew that made the movie possible.

Thankfully as Mike Floorwalker from Looper has written it sounds like Bill Murray, the only real fence-sitter for this project, is on board now with Jason Reitman as director and is definitely willing to come back. For the longest time Dan Aykroyd was adamant about making another movie, but Murray was almost certain it would never happen. The truth is that the second movie was kind of a stinker compared to the first. Thanks to that people were kind of tired of the Ghostbusters for a while, and when interest finally caught on again the actors had moved on and the project kind of stayed in development hell for a while, until it was forgotten for a time. The fact that it was picked up and given a female cast wasn’t the problem. It’s the fact that someone, somewhere, seemed to think that the entire idea of the movie needed to be reconditioned in a way that would almost erase what had come before. Now to be honest a lot of people were calling die hard fans a little loony, and some were to be fair, but the one argument that can’t really be denied is that once a person gets used to something they kind of want that something to remain the same as much as possible. It can change, it can adapt, and it can evolve, but simply replacing it with something else that’s supposed to be the same is bound to instill a lot of confusion and resentment that the 2016 Ghostbusters caught in the neck so to speak.

Dirk Libbey from Cinema Blend wrote that the real reason Ghostbusters flopped in 2016, according to Dan Aykroyd anyway, is that it simply cost too much and didn’t add in scenes that might have made the whole thing come together a bit more. The acting wasn’t horrible really and the story could have been great. But the director simply didn’t pay attention to the source material and disregarded it almost entirely in some cases. While it was definitely wise to update the movie, taking out certain parts that might have offered up more explanation was not a wise idea, and that could be why the director of the 2016 movie won’t be coming back for Ghostbusters 3.

Den of Geek!’s Joseph Baxter is pretty much correct when he says that Bill Murry has an aura about him that’s hard to deny and is nothing short of amazing since the man did in fact become well-known for Ghostbusters among many other projects he’s been on. For decades now Murray has been a mainstay in Hollywood even if he hasn’t always been present. His very name makes people smile in fond remembrance since he’s done so much in his career that people have found insanely funny. His stint as Peter Venkman was one of his absolute best roles and established his role as an icon in pop culture throughout the 80s, 90s, and beyond. From that point on people expected a great deal of him and they were expecting something in the 2016 reboot as well. Sadly all we got was an aging skeptic that was killed off quickly rather than the wisecracking scientist we were used to. This time around however people are starting to get hopeful as he’s seemingly ready to come back and be a Ghostbuster, or at least take part in the movie as the character he made famous so long ago.

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