Jason Sudeikis is Bringing Ted Lasso to Apple + Series

Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis is one of the best comedians of his time even if some folks don’t know that much about him. Ted Lasso is one of his characters from SNL that has been ordered to Apple TV+ and will be coming eventually as Jessica Fisher of GeekTyrant tells it. Of course given his acerbic and quite sarcastic wit it would seem that this is going to be a funny and engaging show that might keep a lot of people laughing but could also be something that might be touching as well. Sudeikis has been seen to be every bit as good at drama as he is at comedy, though many people would no doubt remember the SNL alum a lot better for his funnier moments. Something about a soccer coach that knows nothing about the game however does seem like funny idea that might draw a few people in and make for a memorable series.

The great part about Coach Lasso is that he knows absolutely NOTHING about football, meaning soccer. This makes for an interesting show since it would seem as though no one in their right mind would have anything to do with a coach like this since the whole idea seems to be that an American football coach is being turned into a soccer coach, or at the very least it’s being attempted. Can you imagine this in the real world? It’d be a mess since the rules aren’t the only thing that are vastly different and a coach coming from one sport without any knowledge of another sport would be lost the moment they stepped on the field. The differences between football and soccer are great enough that trying to coach one or the other requires a very different mindset that goes with the same fundamental idea that you’re there to win and inspire the players as the coach. To see a coach this clueless makes a person thankful that it’s a comedy and not much else. But Sudeikis is bound to approach this as he does just about anything, with the right amount of comedy and something else that makes him so great but is hard to define with words. Joe Otterson at Variety could give a little more detail on the whole act that Sudeikis has perfected.

A lot of us have had those coaches that don’t seem to know what they’re doing and are a little too exuberant at times despite their lack of knowledge. Lasso however takes the cake since he’s so oblivious and yet so ready to just go out and win that one has to wonder if he’s stuck his head up a certain area and lost all sense of perspective. He’s the kind of guy that knows one sport and likely seems to think that everything should revolve around that single sport, though it’s funny to watch and even more hilarious to think that he doesn’t listen and isn’t about to learn. In trying to keep up with other streaming services this is the kind of thing that Apple TV is going to need since when it comes to the streaming wars you can already guess that those who are late to the party are going to be looking for every advantage they can get when it comes to competing with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Apple TV will be one of those that will likely be bringing out some very big guns, as much as is possible, in order to make sure that they’re not pushed to the side and forgotten. With Disney+ coming in just next month it’s going to be a mad scramble to see who is going to take the top of the mountain first and who’s going to be trying to ascend to make their voice heard.

Whether or not Ted Lasso will be able to make a big difference in Apple TV’s chances has yet to be seen, but at this time there’s no point in not trying anything and everything that will get a company to the top or even into competition when it comes to streaming. It might not stand out as one of the biggest shows but given that Sudeikis is still a comedic favorite of a lot of people it could do quite well. His delivery and capability to commit to a role is usually enough to get a lot of people on board with whatever he’s doing since he’s that convincing and he’s able to get people interested without doing too much but also with going over the top if he really needs to. Whether or not people will appreciate this character outside of SNL is going to be interesting to see since a few characters have been taken off the show in the past and have done quite well, but they’ve also run their course rather quickly and haven’t been 100 percent effective in some cases. Remember the Ladies Man?

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