Jay Mohr to Portray Charlie Sheen-ish Character in Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The Law & Order franchise has been famous for its ripped-from-the-headlines approach to storylines. It looks as if the final season of USA’s Criminal Intent is no different, as not only are they doing a Ronni Chasen inspired episode, but they’re portraying America’s favorite warlock, Charlie Sheen. According to Deadline, Criminal Intent has cast Jay Mohr to play a Charlie Sheen-like bad boy named Nyle Brite, known for his love of cocaine and hookers.

I’m interested to see how much artistic license the writers take with this episode. If they go too close to what’s actually happened with Sheen, it could be a little tired, but if they use Sheen’s antics only as a base and add in even more insanity, it could be a pretty interesting episode. Jay Mohr has played characters in the same ballpark as Brite, most notably in Fox’s short-lived Action, so I think he could pull off the role as an unhinged star quite well.

If you’re curious about Jay’s episode or any other episode, you can check out the final season of Criminal Intent, which debuts on May 1st.

Will you be watching the final season of the show? How do you think Jay will do in the role? Now that Criminal Intent is ending, where do you see the Law & Order brand going?

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