This is Jennifer Garner on Laughing Gas Reacting to “Hamilton”

Actress Jennifer Garner has an amazing sense of humor and she isn’t afraid to show her fans how silly she can be. In a video that has recently gone viral, she can’t seem to hold it together as she talked about “Hamilton” in a phone conversation. No, she isn’t losing her mind, there’s a perfectly good explanation for her slurred speech and the fact that she’s crying over a popular play. Here is what went down.

A perfect storm

Garner was the victim of a series of events that combined to make her feel emotional and a little on the silly side. She went to a dental appointment and while there, she received dental anesthesia which included laughing gas and Novocain. When you add “Hamilton” to the mix, it becomes volatile quickly. We can only assume that “Hamilton” must have been playing at the time that the dentist performed the procedures on Jennifer, because it was on her mind.

Jen’s side of the story

Garner later admits that while she was under the influence of laughing gas, the “sad part” of “Hamilton” was playing. Because of her altered state, the emotion stuck with her and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. The famous conversation that she had with a friend was from the passenger seat of a car. Obviously, Jennifer was in no condition to be driving. After telling her friend about the song, she shared that she just couldn’t stop crying. Jen was so emotional and although it really isn’t funny to have a chemical substance mess with your emotions, there was a humorous side to it.

Is Jennifer Garner afraid of the dentist?

The fact that she consented to laughing gas tells us that she probably isn’t that comfortable with dental procedures and this likely compounded her stress, and made her reaction to the sad song even more intense. There was a point in the conversation when Garner became maudlin. She was so taken with the song that she told her friend it was “beautiful” and just had to send it to her. Although Jennifer hasn’t confirmed it, we believe that she has a fear of the dentist and that is what caused her to have such a strong reaction when under the influence.

Garner can laugh at herself

Jennifer was kind enough to share the video of her being silly with her fans and they’re thankful. It shows that when it comes down to it, she is just a human being, like the rest of us. Super stardom hasn’t changed her personality. Jennifer Garner is quite obviously comfortable enough in her own skin to be able to laugh at what could otherwise be considered as an embarrassing moment. What makes this so special to fans is that she shared a very personal thing with them. Her sense of humor is truly amazing and it is little wonder that she is one of the most loved actresses in Hollywood today. She’s not only gorgeous, but Jennifer is a very kind person who has a big heart.

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Throwback Thursday– that time I had dental anesthesia…laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you're welcome. #TBT @hamiltonmusical

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