Jennifer Lopez Shows off Twerking Skills in “Ew” Sketch with Jimmy Fallon

Does anyone remember when Jimmy Fallon scored his one and only entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Ew?”  It was a goofy teen-angst viral hit with from 2014 that reached number 26 on the charts.  If there’s one person who didn’t forget it, it’s Fallon himself.   The late-night host went back to the source material, this time with Jennifer Lopez as his guest.

Fallon and Lopez strapped on the pigtails as BFFs Sara and Gabby for a sketch full of selfies, moan about their “worst day ever” — “My dad joined Snapchat, and he friended me!” — and a J.Lo twerk that’s being talked about right now and more than likely for days to come.

Lopez is starring on the hit show Shades of Blue and continues to show how versatile she is.  One minutes she’s throwing a concert.  The next she’s starring on a hit network TV show.  And the next she’s doing sketch comedy with the best of them.

Is there anything she can’t do?

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