Jersey Shore: Double Premiere Tonight…Fist Pump!

After five seasons, Jersey Shore returns tonight for the premiere of its sixth and final season. Although it feels a little like the end of an era, don’t cry for the cast because it seems that many of them are finally moving on and growing up.

The season begins with a sixth month pregnant and engaged Snooki deciding not to stay in the Jersey Shore house (a wise decision, I might add). A newly sober and fresh out of rehab Mike “The Situation” heads back to the shore a changed man and proceeds to share his new, more Zen, lifestyle with the bunch.  These changes seem as though they might put a bit of a damper on a house dedicated solely to partying, but the cast has adamantly denied that this season of Jersey Shore will be any less of a roller coaster ride.

Also for season six, Ronnie and Sammi are back at it again, giving their relationship a millionth go around and Vinnie has declared himself celibate for the summer. With JWoww and Deena in relationships, it looks like the random “smushing” will have to be left up to Pauly D this season, a job I’m sure he’s fine with taking on.

As we watch Jersey Shore this season, it will be bitter sweet knowing that each drunken trip to the boardwalk and GTL session is a countdown to the last, but as they say, all good things must come to an end…umm…maybe they should adjust that and just leave it at “all things” must come to an end.

Jersey Shore airs tonight with a double episode premiere at 10/9c on MTV.

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