Jersey Shore Season 5 to Premiere January 5th

MTV has announced that season 5 of Jersey Shore will be premiering Thursday, January 5th at 10:00. It’s the final season of the show with its original cast in tact, as next season is supposed to bring together a whole new hoard of guidos and guidettes for GTL, grenade whistling, and good times on the boardwalk.

Don’t think we’ve gotten rid of the likes of Snooki and Situation that easily, though, as there have been several spin-offs talked about, including a “buddy comedy” with Snooki and JWoWW and a “day in the life of” DJ Pauly D. However, there’s no indication of when (or if) either will air or if any of the original cast will team up with MTV for other projects.

Though still a monster hit for MTV, Jersey Shore has noticeably cooled down from its ratings highs. The finale of season 4, which saw the gang saying goodbye to Italy, drew 6.63 million viewers, down from 8.78 million that tuned in to the season premiere and down from the 7.61 million that caught the season three finale.

Will you be watching the fifth season of Jersey Shore? How do you think the show will do without its original cast? Which proposed spin-off do you think would work the best?

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