10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica McNamee

Australian actors are coming to America in a big way at this point since there are a good number of them here already and they’re taking on more and more roles in a big way and doing absolutely great since the movies that have been produced as of late seem to be getting a bit better, or at least more entertaining. Jessica McNamee is just one among the many that is doing her part to enrich and liven up the business, but she’s about to do even better since her name is getting bigger with each movie she does and her reputation is growing as a result. With each movie she stars in she’s becoming a bigger star and is proving that she can hang in there with the well-established and veteran actors that have been around for a number of years. In time it seems as though she might be ready for a leading role, though at the moment she’s doing just fine as a supporting character.

Here are a few things about Jessica that might help you get to know her better.

10. She’ll be playing Sonya Blade in the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie.

It would seem the characters are being picked with a practiced eye since already we’ve seen that there actors that have been selected for Kano, Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion. There might even be an actor for Liu Kang as well, but as Allie Gemmil of Collider indicates, Sonya and Kano are definitely going to be a fight to watch.

9. She has a decent following on social media.

Jessica does have a good number of followers that are interested in her career and what she might be doing next. She doesn’t boast the same numbers as others that seem capable of attracting millions, but it doesn’t seem to matter quite as much since she’s bound to do her thing whether she had a million or just one follower. She’s definitely dedicated to the craft first.

8. She’s very respectful of other cultures.

Looking at the pictures on her Instagram it would seem that she’s a conscientious and polite individual that doesn’t go around flaunting her celebrity status or ignoring the local customs of wherever she happens to be. That alone makes her a decent person in one manner since those that tend to respect other cultures and customs are at least self-aware enough to realize when it’s time to be respectful.

7. She obviously loves to travel.

This seems like it would be a big ‘duh’ moment since quite honestly having the kind of money she does and the status makes it easy to think that she wouldn’t be staying home that often. Of course some celebrities aren’t big travelers and are more at ease when at home.

6. She’s very much into being around family and friends.

Sometimes it’s hard to equate the people you see on the screen with the people they reveal themselves to be when they’re around others, but it does seem as though Jessica does enjoy spending time with her family, which is bound to please a lot of people since those that watch her and follow her might like to see that she is able to come back down to earth.

5. She was in the Meg.

Her role wasn’t a huge one since she played the ex-wife of the lead character played by Jason Statham. But when it came to the movie pretty much everyone got in on it eventually since a humongous shark that’s hell-bent on taking everyone out isn’t going to be picky about who it attacks.

4. She’s definitely a dog lover.

It’s pretty easy to tell this sometimes since if you love all animals that’s all well and good, but if you happen to have an affinity for dogs or cats then it usually comes out in the kind of pictures that are taken and which animal is more prominent in them. Since she takes more pictures with dogs and posts them it seems to stand to reason that she’s a dog person.

3. She happens to be a very fashionable person.

There are times when she hangs around in street clothes but otherwise her posts tend to show her in very fashionable garb either for modeling or because she wants to look nice.

2. Her net worth is around $1.5 million.

She’s definitely amassed a good amount of wealth, but that seems like it might be just the beginning.

1. She’s gone through a lot of training for her roles.

You might say that of course, any actor would do this, but according to Mara Santill of Shape, Jessica is among those individuals that goes the extra mile and wants to get things right instead of just going through the motions. This kind of dedication in an actor is nice to see since it makes for a much better movie.

Keep an eye on her, she seems to be climbing the ranks quickly.

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