Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Agree To Play Nice

As I am sure many of you know, the late night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are sort of at war with each other. That is just how the late night war works. Letterman and Leno used to be enemies and that transcribed over to Conan when Conan took Leno’s show but Leno took it back. Late night is a war zone and there tends to be very few friends when the dust settles. Well, it seems Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon want no part of this, and even though they will be going head to head, have already agreed to keep all the late night drama off their tables and stay friendly with each other. This is why all the world loves to the two late night Jimmys right now. They are class acts.

CBS News reports that the two were seen together at the Time Top 100 Most Influential People gala in New York on Tuesday night, and both have nothing but nice things to say about the other. Though they will be in direct competition with each other once Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show for Leno, that changes nothing about the friendly dynamic between these two. Kimmel talks about how people expect the two to be enemies, and are often shocked to find out just the opposite.

Much like Conan O’ Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon helped acquire fame by being funny, nice guys, and don’t expect anything to change that anytime soon. Nice to see some of the big boys actually acting like adults and playing nice. Stands in bitter contrast to how most of Hollywood acts.

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