Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hot Water for Child Guest’s China Answer


Jimmy Kimmel Live is known for pushing the envelope,but the host may have pushed it a bit too far this month. Or at least, one of his guests did. Kids say the darndest things, and when six-year-old Braxton was pressed about the $1.3 trillion national debt in a segment where kids are supposed to solve our country’s problems, he had a rather off-putting answer.

Kimmel: “Next question: America owes China a lot of money, 1.3 trillion dollars. How should we pay them back?”

Braxton: “Shoot cannons all the way over and kill everyone in China.”

It certainly didn’t help that he had a decidedly “American” twang, but you won’t find it because ABC has apologized for the segment and stripped it off the entire internet (though you can probably find it somewhere if you look hard enough).

I think this may be a mountain out of a molehill, but the folks at JKL may have been wise to edit out the segment, or at least not put it online. I don’t necessarily think the kid’s marks are racist. He’s not calling for genocide, but just to logically wipe out the people we owe money to. But I suppose it doesn’t sound much better when you put it like that. And plus, he’s six years old, he probably deserves some slack.

Is this offensive enough to warrant apologies and takedowns? Or is it kids being kids without any larger racial implications?

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