Jodie Whittaker and David Tenant Judge Stay-at-Home Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

Doctor Who Season 12

This is a pretty cool idea really since there are a lot of big Doctor Who fans out there, and asking them to recreate a Doctor Who cosplay was the perfect way to see just who had the best ideas and who was the innovative among them. Asking two of those that have made the iconic Doctor so great, Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant, to judge the cosplayers on their costumes is even better since it’s a genuine treat for the fans and something great for the judges to see when it comes to judging just how good the fans are at piecing together their favorite parts of the show. The fact that they had only 24 hours to come up with their costumes makes it easy to think that they weren’t going to get much done in the time given since just grabbing things around the house to make a costume is bound to look a little hinky unless one happens to be a costume designer and can whip something up from thin air supposedly. But hats off to the fans as they did enough to make their judges exclaim in glee as they got to point out just what worked and what might have needed a little help. Hey, in 24 hours that’s not bad really since the fans went after certain things that they knew would go along with their costumes, and the Head of BOE was something that had to be nerve-wracking to think of since it’s a giant head, which has to be kind of difficult to create on a whim.

There are cosplayers out there however, and these six might be among them for all we know, that have managed to make amazing pieces and costumes that are nothing less than magnificent and are absolutely impressive to the point of looking as though they could be used on a movie set. If you’ve ever been to a convention such as Comic Con, Wizard Con, or any other location then you’ve likely seen some of the costumes that are made and have no doubt wondered just what goes into them. To put it simply, cosplayers often spend an insane amount on their materials and a lot of time when it comes to making them, so giving a person 24 hours in which to make a costume isn’t a whole lot of time, but these fans definitely made good use of their time since despite not being absolutely perfect they did manage to use their imaginations and came up with ways to use common, everyday household items to represent their favorite parts of the show. You’ve got to give them credit for that since a lot of us might have drawn a blank when it came time to dress up as someone from our favorite show. Having seen what goes into a cosplaying outfit and understanding what can be done with regular materials, it’s impressive in a way what these folks came up with and stands to reason that if they were given more time that all of them could really shine when it comes to their level of creativity.

Doctor Who has a very big roster of creatures and characters that a lot of fans have come to enjoy over the years and trying to remember them all is likely kind of difficult since characters and creatures have come and gone and fans have had to adapt to the show changing every so often in order to keep it fresh and on track. But the point is that things have been able to move forward in a big way and fans have managed to keep up as much as possible while adapting to the changes and learning how to roll with them. Jodie Whittaker’s addition to the cast as none other than the Doctor was a huge change that a lot of people still haven’t fully become used to since the inclusion of a woman Doctor after every last one of them have been male really shook things up, and it does feel that things have taken a serious turn in the past year or so as the story feels almost as though it’s on a downward spiral at times according to some folks. But seriously, that’s still not stopping fans from enjoying what they happen to think is one of the greatest shows ever made, and it shouldn’t to be realistic. Those that call themselves die hards and are then seen to exit at the first sign of something they don’t like are usually those that can be called conditional fans since if something isn’t going their way then they’ll be the first to leave. The real die hards are the ones that stick around for pretty much anything and everything since they happen to love the story that much. The fans above are definitely among that number.

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