Joe Biden’s Coming to Your Home with a Daily Newscast

So when the title says that Joe Biden is coming to your home with a newscast the reality is that Joe will be coming “occasionally”. He won’t be running the newscast per se, but he will be joining in every now and again in order to comment or come with what might be considered a bit of wisdom or a useful opinion. In other words he’s going to keep acting like a politician because really that seems to be what a lot of those in Washington D.C. are geared for once they put on the suit and ascend to the hill.

Does that sound biased? I kind of hope so just due to the fact that so many politicians are so adept at pulling the wool over people’s eyes so that they see things from their point of view and none others. Those that remain unaffiliated tend to become ostracized because silence is taken to mean that they are with the opposing side or simply have nothing to say. In Biden’s upcoming podcast it will be seen that he has much to say via voice actors that will be brought in to essentially run the show.  His name will be attached to it and he’ll be there periodically, but until that moment he’s a part of it in name only.

Why does that sound so perfect for a politician? Let your name be attached to something so you’ll get credit but don’t do the work that’s necessary to keep it running? Before you dig in about how ‘lots of business people do this’, keep in mind that a lot of those business people still do the work and didn’t grant use of their name simply to drop by now and again to assure people that it is of course their show.

Biden will not be the man on the podcast more often than not. He will be off doing a number of other things while HIS show continues to run.  A lot of people might think that this sounds a bit petulant but it is an issue simply because Biden will not be there to back up the news and opinions that he’s penned for the show. He will be speaking via proxy in other words, he will have a mouthpiece that will speak for him simply because he can’t bother to be there on a regular basis. Of course he’s likely busy doing something, but the whole idea of having a show with your name on it is that you are THERE to run it.

No matter what the opinions are or what the briefs he leaves say, the simple fact of the matter is that he will be an absentee host since the show bears his name and as a result should also be under his direction. Until that happens he’s just a headpiece without a real voice, no matter if the words are his. In order to be the host of a show you have to actually be there.


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