John David Washington Reveals how Important Tenet has Been in his Career

Even the stars get a little giddy sometimes when they’re picked to show up in a movie with one of their favorite actors, as such is the case with David Washington, son of the famous actor Denzel Washington. It sounds as though working with Michael Caine and Christopher Nolan was, to him, one of the best things that could have happened during his career and has been a huge milestone that he’s extremely grateful for. It is kind of interesting to note that movie stars are still capable of being excited about their work and are thrown back on their heels now and again when the chance to work with certain people comes around. From what it sounds like thus far the matchup between Washington and Caine was nothing short of great and it was considered to be a great opportunity by Washington as he had the chance to meet one of his idols, well two with Nolan in the mix since he has a lot of respect for both men. So far Tenet hasn’t been able to pull in the kind of money that was expected but considering all that’s happened with the pandemic that was anticipated given that people aren’t being allowed to crowd into theaters, which of course means that the ticket sales are way down and there’s no possible way to make the kind of money that this movie should be raking in. But it does sound as though so far things are fairly steady and that the money is coming in even if it’s not pouring as is expected with summer blockbusters.

David Washington has definitely been coming up in the world when it comes to his career, especially when it comes to being known. It’s kind of funny really that he would be starring in a movie that has anything to do with time since Tenet is focused around time inversion, where a movie of his father’s, Deja Vu, had something to do with time as well, though obviously not in the same manner. But it’s easy to see that while he’s a very different actor than his father, David is definitely working up to the same caliber as Denzel in a few ways, though he does still have his own legacy to work towards and a career to keep building as he continues onward. One thing that’s great about Washington is that he doesn’t appear to be riding his father’s coattails, though it’s easy to think that he did have the connections he needed to make his career go in the direction he wanted. Another mark in his favor though is that he actively tried to not bank on his father’s success and would actually lie about his background to ensure that he would be looked at for the talents he possessed, not the reputation that his father had built over so many years. Is there any more respect that can be heaped on this guy at this point? It’s been seen that some actors have attempted to bank on their famous relatives in order to get jobs, but this idea hasn’t been the most popular since the idea is typical that as good or bad as an actor is, those that share a familial bond are going to have a ton of expectation heaped on them before they ever star in their first role.

To this date, David is trying to make his own way and make his own name, and it’s been working for him so far since he hasn’t gone around telling people who his father is from the start, though at one point or another it was discovered and he couldn’t hide it any longer. What he’s never had to hide though is that he is a good actor and that people have been wanting to work with him just as much as he’s been wanting to work with them recently since he’s definitely proved that he has the skill and the talent to hang with some of the biggest names in the business, and he’s starting to become a big name himself. It’s likely that he’ll never be his father, and right now that appears to be something that he’s glad for since he doesn’t want to lean on Denzel’s reputation or legacy, as the desire to make his own and make certain that people know who he is for his movies, not for who he’s related to. At one point, if it hasn’t already happened, he’s going to be one of those big-name stars that people are going to want to work with and sign on to just about every movie, and the best part is it’s all because of his own skill. There’s definitely a lot of pride that goes into being able to do what you want without any outside help, and David is doing just that.

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