John Krasinski Reveals Why He Did A Quiet Place 2

It was hard to know what to think about A Quiet Place when it first came out since it was a different type of horror movie. Any movie that deals with the necessary absence of anything that’s a common occurrence for many human beings is bound to have an interesting story behind it. Think about it, in Tremors anything moving on the ground was fair game, in Bird Box the protagonists couldn’t rely on their sight, and in A Quiet Place the absence of sound was an absolute necessity for survival since to make anything above a whisper was enough to insure one’s eventual death. But the funny thing that Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb reveals is that John Krasinski, the man behind the movie, didn’t even want to make the sequel in the first place. Some people might wonder why since the first one was so great that it left chills down the spine, but the truth of it is that sequels don’t always work. The box office numbers were tremendous given the fact that it soared well above its budget, but as anyone should know at this point creating that same type of success in the movies is insanely difficult since only a certain number of sequels throughout history have ever really done better than the original, or even come close to the original numbers.

There’s a lot of faith coming from the studio however, which isn’t surprising at all since they’re likely going off the box office number. Thankfully the fans and critics reaction can kind of back up that faith at the moment, but like any sequel A Quiet Place 2 is going to have some ground to cover right way in order to be worthy of mention along with the original movie. From watching the trailer the movie already looks like it will be able to keep up the level of interest since there are scenes in which it would appear that we’ll get to see the beginning of the invasion, which is bound to be intense since few people could have guessed that the creatures were sensitive to sound and hunted by listening for their prey. Plus, at least for the flashbacks, we’ll get to Krasinski in the story again as he and his family will have to learn how to survive and how to stay absolutely quiet, which is kind of difficult when one has kids, as any parent could attest to.

The flashbacks are only going to be a small part of the movie it would appear though since there needs to be just enough back story to show how the creatures invaded and then laid waste to the world around them, creating a barren place where humanity is on the fringe, or at least are forced to go into hiding as it happened in the first movie. There’s also the idea that they’ll be carrying an infant with them, and again, as many people know, keeping kids quiet isn’t always possible, which means their survival odds will be continually low as they try to make their way into the wider world now that they’ve lost their husband and father. Initially Krasinski had no intention of making this movie and would have gladly shied away from the idea, but when it was made obvious that the studio would do it with or without him it wasn’t much of a decision as he jumped aboard and decided to see if he could do it again. Something already indicates that this movie is going to be even more intense than the first, which in some ways won’t be too hard since in the first movie it had to be firmly established that silence was key, and that the family unit wasn’t entirely perfect since the daughter was a bit willful while the parents were doing their absolute best to keep the kids safe. The loss of one of their children however was a big hit and caused another obvious divide in the family, though what’s uplifting is that the father and mother exercised a level of patience that a lot of people might not have been able to find. In dealing with a daughter that was flashing a serious rebellious streak at a time when such things could only end badly, both parents were somehow able to keep things together and continue to work for the safety of their kids.

It doesn’t really need to be said that there are already a lot of expectations for this movie, but it does make it clear that once A Quiet Place 2 comes out that the story is going to have to move forward without doing more than offering flashbacks as to how the invasion started, how many people died, and how it was discovered that sound was how the things hunted. Everything else needs to be forward motion. Allie Gemmil of Collider has more to say on this.

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