John Wick TV Show To Start After the Fourth Movie, 2021

Just so people can breathe easily this won’t be a show strictly about John Wick but it might very well go into what makes a man like John and how often he had to use the Continental in order to lay low and gather his bearings while coming up through the ranks. It’s been deduced that John is a major player when it comes to his own universe and that of others but the one place that we’ve seen that is sacrosanct in his world has been the Continental, the upper-class hotel that caters to assassins and keeps them in check when they’re in-between assignments or looking for a place to unwind for a bit. Seen as a bastion within a city where dark corners and unlit alleyways can equate to death traps for the unwary and inexperienced, the Continental is a place that has apparently stood for quite some time, longer than John has been around likely, and is beacon for those like John Wick when in need. The only rule of course is that business cannot be conducted on the grounds of the Continental, no matter what. This is of course what has led to John Wick 3 and the very much awaited John Wick 4 that people are going to be buzzing about for some time since John DID break the rules and killed not just another mark, but a ruling member of the council as well. Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch, who is excited to see this show come to life, had this to say per Neeraj Chand of MovieWeb:

“I had a meeting on a season pitch for this yesterday. We like the group of writers, and we’re trying to get it in the right place so it doesn’t interfere with the motion picture. It will air sometime after the fourth [John Wick] movie.”

So apparently it sounds like we’ll be seeing this show sometime after the next John Wick movie, but it also sounds as though it will be set far enough back to explain just how the Continental came to be and perhaps even how the rules were set. If we’re lucky we’ll be given a glimpse back in time to see just how the famed hotel was first started and who actually set the rules so it can become clear how and why the Continental became so important to so many. Anthony D’Alessandro of Deadline has more to say about this. In many movies assassins are lone rogues that don’t often get along with each other well enough to be in the same space, but in John Wick’s universe they’re a very ordered and regimented bunch as it takes a considerable bounty to bring them all out of the woodwork. In other cases it does appear as though the bounties might be handed out not unlike one would see in The Mandalorian, with handlers dealing out bounties to those they believe can take on the challenge. If this is the case then someone like John Wick would be a serious thorn in the side of many hunters since much like The Mandalorian he’s the absolute best and the most difficult to take down as many assassins throughout the last three movies have discovered.

What’s intriguing however comes from the second movie in which John’s target states that a person could hole up in the Continental and never have the same dish twice in a row thanks to the accommodations that have been made and the lengths to which the place will go to keep its members satisfied. In other words the guy could have stayed for months if not longer in the hotel and John wouldn’t have been able to touch him. The only thing wrong with that is the fact that he’d already taken John to the brink and in doing so had tempted a very, very dangerous man to finally break one of the only rules he’d still clung to. Given what happened to John at the end of the third movie it’s fair to say that the rules might be tossed out the window in the upcoming fourth movie and all-out war between John and the High Council might be the only way to finally settle things, with Winston’s loyalties and the Continental still in question since there’s no denying that Winston could have easily shot John in the face and ended it, but chose instead to shoot him in a manner that he might have believed John could survive. Movie magic being what it is, of course he survived and of course he’s good and pissed off and ready to take the fight to those that have called for his execution. John Wick 4 is going to be off the chain, and with the last three movies in the bag, that’s saying something.

But still, it will be interesting to watch a show detailing the rise and success of a lair of assassins.

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