Jon Gosselin Gives His Side of the Money Scandal – Common Sense Wins

Gosselin weary yet? Jon Gosselin has taken to the airwaves to plead his case concerning that supposed ‘stolen’ money. In a nutshell, the media darling claims that Kate is lying. Ouch. On that note, the accusation does raise a few eyebrows. As has been famously reported numerous times, the Gosselin’s brought in around $75k per episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Does anybody else find it a bit weird that they would only have amassed $231k in cash?

Jon claims that Kate’s histrionics over not being able to provide for her children – including a call into The View to say she might have to work at McDonalds – are just that. Histrionics in the purest definition of the word. “No. She’s hiding money. We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where’s that million dollars?” Jon told The Insider.

According to Jon he did withdraw around $170k over the course of the year, $22k of which he withdrew last week. Kate is claiming he withdrew the $230k between August 10th and September 29th. See, I have a few issues with that – particularly since Kate and her people have been playing this as something that happened all of a sudden last week, in fact on the same day Jon was on Larry King Live.

Ah, that’s it. Isn’t. Did you just have one of those epiphanies that Gosselin was talking about last week? A little moment of clarity? The timing of Kate’s claim that Jon has cleaned the family out leaving her and the kids penniless is very, well, strategic. Jon has certainly limited the earning potential of the family, as far as exploiting the kids is concerned. In reality, this may not be as bad a thing as it seems. Both Jon and Kate have achieved a level of celebrity out of the whole thing that will no doubt continue to result in appearance fees, book advances, and at least a couple more reality shows. If there is never a ‘deal’ hammered out that puts the Gosselin kids in front of the camera again, the kids win. They need to experience real child-hood for a while, without the cameras. In some twisted way, Jon asserting himself and stopping the production may wind up being his classiest move through the whole ordeal – once the dust settles, that is.

As for this money situation, the more minutes and hours that slip by the more bogus it seems. Some cold hard facts make it more than a little hard to swallow:

  • Kate’s appearance on The View was certainly not done for charity. How much was she paid?
  • Didn’t Kate just shoot a pilot? Obviously a freebie, right?
  • Is Kate – or Jon for that matter – appearing on shows like Today out of the goodness of her heart, purely to tell her side of the story? Or is there an appearance fee behind that?
  • Now that Jon has fired back with allegations of ‘secret’ accounts and a conflicting account of these contentious withdrawals, it is disclosure time. They have both made claims that could be either galvanized or blown out of the water by the various paper trails.

If Kate and her crew have fired a strategic shot at Gosselin – simply designed to make him look bad in the public eye – solely for his maneuver last week that resulted in the kids being taken off the air, something a lot of people have been demanding for some time, the ‘dirty bomb’ could backfire. Sure, middle-aged dads partying it up rock-star style with eight kids at home are contemptible – if not only for the fact that those of us resigned to more mundane aspects of fatherhood are just a tincy bit jealous; would Kate abusing public sentiment to score a gnarly win over Jon rest quite as well? Something tells me we’ll know the answer to that sooner than we think.

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