Jon Gosselin Wants TLC to Fire Him?!

ima-doucheJon Gosselin’s behavior has been sort of an enigma lately, one might say it is the defacto enacting of that great aphorism ‘biting the hand that feeds you.’Well, as it turns out that may be truer than anyone would have thought — Jon has every reason in the world to get fired off Jon & Kate Plus 8. As a matter of fact, I think you should all start getting a feel for the new title: Kate Plus 8. It does have a ring to it? Doesn’t it.

Jon’s bad boy behavior, womanizing, and general douchebaggery has puzzled folks. Why is a guy who became famous as a sort of super-dad suddenly acting like a two bit rockstar in a foot-race to contract herpes? Well, for starters, life isn’t as rosy for Jon as we may think. Turns out he quickly blew his share of the show money last season, and this season was cut out of financial control by a court order after he was found to be ‘˜irresponsible.’Ouch.

Lately, Jon’s fame-seeking girlfriend Hailey Glassmen has been finishing the job he started, calling TLC ‘The Lying Channel,’and insinuating that Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewers were morons for not moving on and getting over the breakup. She also indirectly dissed the plus 8 by saying their happiest times were when it was just the two of them. Cripes lady.

Jon seems to be working overtime lately when it comes to pissing off TLC by dressing up tip to toe in designer duds, prompting the network to blur 90% of his body. Now word comes from TMZ that Jon has been negotiating to appear on another reality show — the negotiations themselves are probably a violation of his TLC contract — called ‘Divorced Dad’s Club.’

At first blush, that may seem like a solid plan for Jon, but what would the legal ramifications be for Jon if he were to willfully break his contract with TLC to the detriment of their show. I’m no lawyer, but if Jon Diva’d out because he was scheming to pad his bank account wouldn’t TLC have legal recourse?

source: TMZ


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