Jordan Peele Says He’s Done with Acting

It looks like Jordan Peele is giving up on acting at this point to devote more time to directing, which he says is more fun. He hasn’t been in a whole lot of movies though a lot of people loved seeing him in the sketch comedies he did over the past few years, so it might not be that big of a loss. Before anyone starts roasting me for saying this let’s just get it straight, he’s proven to be a much better and more influential director so far than he has an actor and it seems like he’s trying to play more to his strengths than to keep a diverse resume and risk giving up the needed time he wants to further develop his skill behind the camera.

It could be that one of these days he might find the desire to return to acting, or perhaps he’ll drop into his own movies for a cameo here and there, but honestly it seems like he just wants to focus on something he feels that does particularly well. At this point no one has the right to tell him he’s wrong so going with it and supporting him might be a better option than saying anything against it simply because someone happens to love when he’s standing in front of the camera. Each person in this world needs to recognize their own strengths and go with them. At this time Peele feels that his love of acting doesn’t even come close to comparing with his desire to direct, so he’s laying the one aside in order to further cultivate the other. It’s a wise move, especially if he feels that he’d be better served not trying to do them both.

His film Get Out proved that he is a worthy director and can make a movie that people will like, even if it was discussed in many different ways that weren’t all that flattering. That however is a mark in Peele’s favor as well since he made people think about the movie to such a degree that discussion didn’t stop for at least a few months if not longer simply because people kept finding things to talk about in regards to the movie. That there is the mark of a good director since his vision allowed people to gloss over certain things and still feel the need to come back and look at them again, and again, and again. This shows that he knows how to add hidden elements that people might not notice since they’re watching the main portion of the film but might have felt were important enough to go back and analyze.

The point is that he’s where he wants to be at the moment and losing one interest in his life, acting, doesn’t seem to be a big concern. As an actor he wasn’t bad, but as a director he has a long way to go and is already showing that he has what it takes to remain in the mix for a long time to come.

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