Josh Gad Reunites The Cast of Lord of the Rings

This would have to be a big reunion to be fair since the cast for Lord of the Rings was pretty big, but it’s impressive as well since the one-liners and the quotes are bound to run thick and heavy in a moment such as this. That of course would be one of the best parts about it since getting the actors together sans costumes and special effects just to ask them what it was like to be a part of one of the greatest epics to ever grace the big screen would be worth listening to the banter that would be going back and forth since one could easily think that there would be plenty of it throughout the meeting. It would be great to see them all in the same place and get their different views and opinions as they went over their favorite parts in the movies, but this is just as good considering that each one of them is bound to be a little more relaxed in their homes and would likely react in a much different way than they might if placed all together on a stage to answer one question after another. Elizabeth Yuko of Lifehacker has more to say about this. It’s kind of easy to imagine that chiming in from home would allow them a measure of relaxation that wouldn’t be found quite as easily if they were asked to make their way to a studio where they’d be peppered with questions from fans or even from an interviewer and peer like Josh Gad.

There is an expected level of cheesy and even juvenile behavior since the actors do know each other fairly well and are bound to react to each other in a much looser way than people might expect, as with a movie such as this there almost had to be a level of intimacy among the cast that made them entirely comfortable with each other. Over the course of three movies of course that would be kind of expected, even if it’s not always the case in Hollywood. That they got along is widely accepted since a good number of them have stayed close since their time on set, and it’s uplifting in a way to think that they all managed to get along this well since the news of anyone having an issue with someone on set is usually broadcast long and loud if it becomes a problem. For instance, problems on the set of Blade: Trinity became known a while back when it was discovered that Wesley Snipes was acting a bit like a diva and didn’t exactly respect his costars. Simon Brew from Den of Geek has more to say on this topic. Stuff like this doesn’t stay quiet for long when there are problems on the set, even if people attempt to keep them quiet and from becoming a serious issue. For all intents and purposes though the LoTR cast grew pretty close and remains so to this day.

One can just imagine how many questions have been posed by millions of people that fell in love with the trilogy and how many have pertained to the books and what was done differently and what was kept more or less the same. If anyone has read the books, and there are plenty of people out there, then they’ll know just how the movies differed from the books and where they started to diverge a bit, since it’s a bit obvious that the movies couldn’t be as long as the books, or the entire thing would have been better off as a series to begin with. Of course there are those fans that would likely love to see this since they want to witness every glorious detail that the books had to offer. Then there are those of us that enjoy the story but wanted to move past the bulk of the prose and get into the action. It’s not so much wanting the entire thing to be fast-paced due to a shorter attention span, but a story that drags on and on with prose and drama, despite being loved by some people, can really become a bother after a while, especially with a story that was introduced with a bit of action to get people truly interested. The LoTR movies introduced people into the world of Tolkien at a fairly rapid pace throughout the movies, and slowed down when it felt appropriate to tell the story and flesh out a good number of details. Some might not agree, but there was decent balance within the movies and a definite attempt to keep things as evenly paced as possible. Such a reunion would be a lot of fun to watch since obviously a lot of them still keep in contact and find another’s company quite pleasant. One can only imagine how this discussion would go, but it’s likely that it would be enjoyable to listen to.

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