Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson: What’s Really Going on There?

Pamela Anderson has always been a woman who attracts the attention of the media for unusual reasons and the latest reason is her rather strange relationship with Julian Assange. It is causing speculation over whether or not the pair is in some way romantically involved of if Anderson has ulterior motives for her interest in the WikiLeaks mastermind.

Assange has been holed up in London’s Ecuadorean embassy since 2012 and it was announced in March that they had revoked his Internet access and visitor privileges. The Ecuadorean government had granted Assange citizenship in January and have explained that they have withdrawn his privileges because he breached a written agreement. This stated that he would not send messages that had the potential to interfere with other states.

Anderson and Assange have been close friends since 2014 when they were introduced by Vivienne Westwood, a mutual friend. Ever since, she has been a frequent visitor to Assange, until his rights were removed.

Anderson has said in a statement that she is very concerned about him and the impact the situation is having on his health and well-being. She described his human rights as having been abused and the way he is being treated as a form of torture. A situation where he is allowed no contact with the outside world is extraordinary.

While there are some that believe Pamela Anderson truly is a supporter of Julian Assange, there are others who are questioning the motives of the former Baywatch star. Both her acting and modeling careers have been very quiet in recent years and this has led to a lack of attention from the media. People who known Anderson say she thrives on public attention and also needs to stay in the limelight to fund her expensive lifestyle.

By visiting Julian Assange, she is drawing attention to herself again and getting herself noticed by the media and the public. Some say the way she has attracted this attention is very contrived and that it is no accident that she turns up dressed the way she does. She has arrived wearing some jaw-dropping outfits that a fashion designer who knows her says have been specially chosen for the occasion, so she can make it into the press.

A neighbor of Anderson’s from Malibu agrees that it is all about gaining publicity. He said the benefits to her far outweigh a boost to her ego as she desperately needs to stay in the public eye for financial reasons. The neighbor went on to explain that Anderson would ideally like to become a full-time philanthropist but she cannot afford to do so and that is why she is working on a book at the moment.

The benefit for Assange is that he has a big crush on Anderson and has always had a thing about blondes. He is forced to stay in the embassy to avoid arrest in the UK or extradition to the United States for his involvement in unlawfully distributed documents. Anderson’s visits have been one of the highlights of his time at the embassy.

Anderson is not the first female star to visit Assange at the embassy. IN the past, he has had visitors including Lady Gaga and Maggie Gyllenhaal. He has also had a steady stream of women who show an interest in men in prison.

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