10 Things You Didn’t Know about Juliana Custodio

Juliana Custodio

Most fans of 90 Day Fiance expect to see a certain amount of dishonesty. Some of the show’s participants have certainly seemed like they were only in it for the money or the green card. So when Juliana Custodio appeared on the show with older, wealthy Michael Jessen, there were a whole lot of assumptions. She’s been called all sorts of unpleasant names, and so has her fiance Michael. However, they are determined to set the record straight, and the couple says they’re really in love. We decided to go digging ourselves and find out ten things you didn’t know about Juliana Custodio.

1. Brazilian Model

We know it’s a bit of a stereotype, the rich guy who falls for a Brazilian “model,” but Juliana actually works as a model for PRM London. Moreover, she’s been successful in her job. You don’t get to fly all over the world and go to the sort of parties where you meet and fall in love with wealthy men if you aren’t at least getting plenty of modeling work. The couple met on a yacht in Croatia during a dinner party thrown by a friend of Michael’s.

2. Rude Questions

Fans and naysayers have both asked their share of nasty questions. In fact, people are continually making rude and even lewd comments about Juliana and her fiance Michael because of their age difference. However, one of the worst questions came from the TV show. During her interview, they asked if Juliana had worked as a prostitute in the last decade. What a horrible thing to face. We don’t need to harp on the obviousness of her answer. However, both Juliana and Michael were deeply offended by the comment.

3. Communications

When they first met, Juliana loved Michael’s green eyes, but she was unable to speak to him because she didn’t yet speak any English. They found ways to communicate, and Juliana has made a concentrated effort to learn to speak Michael’s language. It’s not unheard of for people to fall in love t first sight, but Michael says that wasn’t the case. There was an undeniable attraction, and he felt a sense of kindred spirits, but it wasn’t ‘love.’

4. What Does She See in Him?

We’re going to gloss right past the part where he’s older and affluent; it’s been said too many times already. Plus, we previously mentioned that she likes his green eyes. However, Michael has one other thing going for him that makes the ladies crazy. He’s a musician though his career is in wine investing and auctions. Something about a man who plays an instrument has always been a massive draw for women of all ages. Could it be that she appreciates the fact that he’s talented? We don’t know, but we’re certainly not discounting the idea.

5. Growing Up Poor

Juliana grew up in poverty. The fact that she was able to move away from that and develop a career as a model is nothing short of impressive. We certainly hope that she uses some of her newfound success to help raise money and awareness for other impoverished children.

6. Not Looking

Juliana and her fiance Michael didn’t seek out 90 Day Fiance and apply to be on the show. It was their lawyer who suggested that they might be interested. After all, it’s not cheap or quick to pay and apply for the necessary visa so she could come to the US and marry him. It was toward the end of the K-1 visa process that the couple’s lawyer mentioned the idea.

7. Two Way Street

Though it ended up being Juliana, who is moving to the US, her fiance was willing to move to Brazil and seriously considered doing so for them to be together. That’s a significant change for anyone, but it certainly speaks to his level of commitment, so perhaps she’s found herself a good man who truly loves her. Anyone willing to leave behind their whole life and their country is making a huge move even before they get married. We hope that the level of certainty stays with them both for the rest of their lives, or there’s bound to be some bad blood between them.

8. Becoming Mom

Once they’re married, Juliana will officially be a stepmother. Michael has part-time custody of his two children. They think it’s a little weird that their dad is marrying a woman who’s closer to their age than his, but they aren’t exactly opposed to the idea. Moreover, Juliana wants children of her own. She and her fiance have plans to expand the family soon. Hopefully, her stepchildren will be alright with that, too, or things could get very tense at home.

9. Feeling The Pressure

The title of the show, 90 Day Fiance, isn’t just to lend urgency to the idea of the show. When someone like Juliana applies for a K-1 visa, they are allowed to come to the United States, but it’s not a permanent residency. If she gets cold feet, she could lose her chance to get married. A K-1 visa only gives the bearer ninety days to get married, or they may be deported back to their country of origin. Both Juliana and Michael know that’s not a lot of time, but they’re determined to make things work.

10. Two Long Years

Before she could move to America with her fiance, the road was far from smooth. Between the long-distance relationship woes, and trying to make time for each other each month and paperwork, it took a toll on them both. Juliana stuck it out, but the couple was denied visas on several occasions throughout their two-year engagement. Calling Juliana a ninety-day fiancee isn’t fair or accurate, given the situation.

Final Thoughts

Love is a strange thing, and we aren’t going to make any snide comments about this couple. People feel the way they feel, and only time will tell if this relationship works out for them. Hopefully, they can be an inspiration and help show people that anything is possible. If not, it will probably make for good TV anyhow. Regardless of which way things turn out, one thing is sure. We’ll be watching.

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