Just In Case You’ve Never Seen the Adam Sandler Dating Simulator

Apparently the Adam Sandler Dating Simulator was a thing about three years ago but one has to wonder why such a thing would ever happen. Honestly it’s not exactly the best thing to ever come around and it takes one back to high school and a version of Sandler that was best left back in the Billy Madison days. The overgrown man-child act has been something he’s been stepping away from gradually for years until finally he’s been able to do some more dramatic pieces and just about outgrown the ridiculous nature that he came into show business with. But then again every now and then he decides to slip back into old habits because people do still enjoy it and some find it amusing that he can still pull such an act off.

Honestly the simulator isn’t much to look at since it offers a few choices on how to progress and different paths that can be taken depending on your choices. It also features David Spade and Rob Schneider, and includes interactive dialogue with them as well that has different endings that can be reached eventually. In essence it’s kind of like a giant goof since quite honestly it doesn’t take you through a very extensive session and the choices of dialogue are pretty slim. There could be more to it that this clip isn’t showing but so far it’s not as impressive as it might have seemed to be years ago when it was still brand new. Some people might have enjoyed it as they could have seen the program as something aside from the norm and a chance to experience a bit of fun that wasn’t like anything they’d seen before. But there’s a definite reason that it’s not a thing now.

Despite the fact that it does take a lot of work to bring something like this to people this simulation really didn’t feel like it was complete or particularly interesting past the novelty of featuring three comedians that are still considered to be among the best in their field. That’s a stretch really but they are still notable names and they’ve done a lot in their careers that has kept them in the public eye. That alone makes them worth mentioning, but this simulator is something that might be seen as more of a goof than anything else since it was kind of there for a short while before people started forgetting about it. In that way it’s kind of like a few of the movies put out by the three comedians featured in it. Not to be unkind, but they’ve all done some horrendous stinkers that were better off being forgotten. While the simulator was something that could easily be pushed to the side some of their movies were not.

But all in all it might have seemed interesting to those that downloaded it, though quite honestly they might have deleted it not too long after. Some things sound a lot more interesting than they turn out to be when one experiences them firsthand.

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