Kaley Cuoco On Her Big Leg Break Theory

As reported a few weeks ago Kaley Cuoco (Penny in The Big Bang Theory) suffered a broken leg after being involved in a horse riding accident. She stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show (see the video below) to give the gory details of how the accident happened and what will be store for her character in response to the injury. This event clearly hasn’t left too much of a mental scar, as she goes on to say how much she is itching to get back on her horse.

Here are the details: the accident occurred during a horse riding lesson, when her horse got spooked and threw her to the ground. All seemed fine with Cuoco saying that she was laughing whilst she was on the ground. The horse spooked again, however, and in trying to jump over her, landed one of its legs on one of hers. When she tried to move, her leg was pointing in the other direction; when the paramedics removed her boot, it wasn’t pretty and not where it should be.

It only got worse as the doctor informed her that because of the risk of infection, amputation was a possible scenario. Her initial response to this in her painkiller haze was rather the somewhat funny thought of “I’m going to have to call work and tell them I have one foot.” Luckily for Cuoco her leg is fine (well, as fine as a leg can be with metal plates permanently in it) but considering how badly horse riding accidents can end, she is indeed very lucky.

What is in store for her character Penny? They are not writing her accident into the show as others have (see Criminal Minds last season with Matthew Gray Gubler’s knee injury) and are ignoring it entirely. Cuoco revealed that Penny will be getting a job in a bar to hide her injury, no doubt one of the many ways we will see directors avoiding shooting her from the waist down.

Would you have preferred for the writers to include her injury in to the show? What reason would you have given for the accident? You can watch the video of Cuoco’s appearance below.


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