10 Things You Didn’t Know about Karishma Tanna

So many of the most talented stars come from India. They might not be mainstream in America, yet, but they are huge stars across the world, and the best of the best recognize their talent and their abilities in their own lines of work. Karishma Tanna is one of the most famous Indian actresses in the world, and her work is revered across nations. She’s someone worth knowing, so we thought we might get to know a bit more about her.

1. She’s an 80s Baby

She certainly doesn’t look like it, though, does she? She’s a woman who was born in the early 80s. She’s also a Christmas baby. She was born just four short days prior to the Christmas holidays in 1983. Her date of birth is December 21, 1983, which means she will celebrate her 37th birthday in 2020.

2. She’s From India

She was born and raised in Bombay, which is in Maharashtra, which is in India. She spent her life there, going to school and eventually finding work as an actress. She’s also worked in the reality show industry, and she’s got a lot of brands she represents to the people using her own fame as a way of bringing attention to them.

3. She Lost her Father

She is very close to her family. She’s close to her mother, especially, since she lost her father. He died in 2012, and it was an emotionally draining and difficult time for both her and her mother. They became even closer following the loss of her father, and she’s someone who considers her mother the most important person in her life.

4. She’s Always Making Headlines

She took a quarantine trip to the Maldives for a little fun in the sun during the summer of 2020, and her fans were just beside themselves when she posted a few photos herself on the beach in her little black bikini. She looks killer, and her body is one she works hard on. She’s got a great one, and it’s obvious to everyone she takes good care of herself. The photos set the internet ‘on fire’ according to the articles posted about it.

5. She’s A Dog Lover

We love almost everyone who loves dogs, and Karishma Tanna is a woman who loves dogs. We don’t know what kind of dog hers is, but she’s a cute little tan and white ball of fluff that looks like it might be a Shih Tzu or a Maltese type of dog, and her name is Koko. She’s adorable, and we love when her mom shares her photos online.

6. She Works Out Regularly

We mentioned above that she’s got a banging body, and it’s because she’s very big on working out. She absolutely makes it a priority in her life to work out as often as possible, and to take care of her body. If we had to guess, we assume she also eats well and makes that a priority in her own life, too.

7. She’s Ended an Engagement

She’s not a married woman, but she’s been involved in a relationship in the past. She was in a serious one that ended in a broken engagement. She was engaged to actor Upen Patel. They made the announcement in 2014 and then they decided to end things only two years later.

8. Her Breakup Took a Nasty Route

Almost a year after their engagement ended, she and Upen Patel were seen sharing a meal together. Fans were excited that they might be getting back together, but then he began posting a long serious of social media posts calling her a user and a liar and someone who hurt him, and he continued to go on and on about all of it, and it was just an ugly situation.

9. She’s Happy Single

Meanwhile, she’s making it very clear that she’s in the best place in her life after leaving behind some bad relationships. She’s not in a place where she’s looking to be serious with anyone, but she is looking to continue to live her best life with herself and herself alone. That must really hurt her ex to hear.

10. She Doesn’t Speak of Her Personal Life

She’s famous, but she’s also good at keeping her personal life person. She shares very little of it with anyone, and she makes it very clear she’s not sharing any details of what is going on other than that she’s feeling good, happy, and in a good place right now. Details aren’t her deal.

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