Katie Couric Says She Was Asked to Come Back to Today

Many have tuned out since Katie Couric left the Today show, and the bosses noticed. That’s why it appears that at least at one point, she was asked to come back and reprise her former hosting duties.

Speaking to Howard Stern of all places, Katie had this to say about returning.

“There were some cautious overtures to me to possibly come back to the ‘Today’ show.”

Those “cautious overtures” didn’t go anywhere as obvious Katie isn’t back on Today, but also she didn’t rule the possibility out. Couric was pressed by Stern on the issue, but played coy, simply content to say that her “Today” gig was “Part of me, for me that was the best job.”

Would you like to see Katie Couric come back to Today? I certainly would. I don’t mind the team now, but I think the show could certainly benefit from her return. It wasn’t the best situation when she left, but you know that money tends to solve all sorts of problems, including this one most likely.

The rest of the interview was less dramatic, but Katie did admit to having a little crush on Matt Lauer during one point of her tenure there. To paraphrase Arrested Development, him?

“You know what? I actually had a little crush on Matt when he was the local news anchor on WNBC, because I thought he was so funny and so quick.”

If you say so.

No word on when Couric could potentially come back to Today, but if or when she does, you can check back here for a full report.


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