Katy Perry Kicked A Ball Directly At A Fan’s Face And Well….Just Watch

Katy Perry didn’t look like she was aiming directly at the guy’s face when she inadvertently kicked one of the ‘eye’balls that were released onstage at one of her recent concerts. Of course if you watch she wasn’t exactly watching where she was kicking either, and the guy would have been better served if he’d been keeping his eye on the ball, pun totally intended, rather than on his phone. After all, when you’re at a concert shouldn’t you be more focused on the actual concert rather than Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram? Isn’t the whole point of going to a concert to watch the performer onstage, not the phone in your hand?

“Out of nowhere there were these huge giant blow up eyeballs that were on the stage. Some people were throwing them around, but one landed right by Katy and she kicked it! I didn’t realize that she was kicking it right at my face until it was too late. The ball hit me right square in the face and knocked my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked and started laughing hysterically. Everyone around me asked me if I was okay and I was just laughing uncontrollably. My phone died shortly after, so once I got home and charged it I watched the video and it was hilarious.”

Granted, Perry could have thought twice about just booting the balls randomly into the crowd, but the guy could have had his head up as well. There’s no way to tell if she even shot him an apologetic look or gesture since his phone crashed to the floor, but one can hope that she did. However it seems a lot more likely that she barely noticed anything happening as she went on with her show. It’s not all on her though, since the idea of staring at your phone while attending a concert is a little ridiculous.

Our phones have seemed to become so important in the last decade and more that even during live events people can be seen zoning out and fiddling with them. It’s true that there are those that just use them to take pictures and videos, but you would think that a live concert would be a place where you want your full attention, or at least three-quarters of it, where it needs to be in order to really enjoy yourself. According to the guy that got drop-kicked with the ball there was no permanent damage to his phone or himself, but it was a definite surprise that he didn’t see coming. As for Katie Perry it still stands to reason that a performer shouldn’t go around kicking objects into the crowd in a manner that could cause harm to anyone.

Now it’s true that she could have been assuming that her kick would sail the ball into the crowd, but it’s also true that she didn’t care where she was kicking it so long as the ball wasn’t underfoot. No one’s really in the wrong on this one, or the right.

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